Monday, June 2, 2014

The End Of May In The Front Yard

I'm in the stage out front of wanting to rip everything out and start over.  The path needs an overhaul, the beds need some love, I'm considering ripping out some big things that I'm not loving....I'm just being nit-picky with it right now.  Maybe when we get home from vacation, things will have filled in and I'll like it again.

But for now, here are some things I am liking.

This rose.

The tree has grown quite a bit since last year, so it has given me more shade.
I stuck a bunch of Impatiens in the ground under it this year.
Hopefully they make it to the end of summer without the creepin' crud.

Even with more shade, my peony gave me a few flowers.

I got The Dad's spicy peppers planted in the old sink.
Our neighbor gave me some onions, so I stuck those down in on the other side.
It's my first time growing them, so I'm pretty excited to see how they do.

Down in the parking strip, the Rock Rose is reminding me of why I love it so much.

Here are some more shots from down there.




The mystery plant is finally blooming.
Word on the street is, it's Chamomile.

And last, some fun shots of the 'Autumn Joy' Sedum with water in the leaves.

That's probably it for yard posts until we get home.
Although, my Delphinium and Phlox have started to bloom, so don't quote me on that.
It will be crazy to see how much the garden has grown after being gone for five days.

Shameless plug alert:  
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  1. I hope you are ready to go! And I was picking out 1,000 helicopters from the front bed from our silver maple and I was thinking that I did not respond about your crazy lock down night glad you were all safe! And that rock rose is gorgeous as are your peonies lady! And my Campanula is starting to bloom as well...don't you love that plant?!!? My front is almost all shade...I really feel indifferent about it at this point because when I take pictures of it all I see are holes. I guess I should start focusing on the positive. Your garden is always so beautiful! I can't wait to hear about your soon pal! Nicole xoxo

  2. The shots of your rock rose are fabulous. I don't think there is anything in your garden that needs to be replanted. It is all so beautiful.

  3. What a lovely rose. Lots of interesting things going on in the garden. You will be amazed at all the changes after being gone for five days.

  4. Have a wonderful vacation. I got a notice that your book has been shipped so hopefully it will be there when you return. I love the rose near the opening of your post and the Rock Rose near the middle. I am not familiar with this plant at all. How pretty!
    Thanks, by the way, for the tips on starting roses. I may just give it a go this fall.

  5. It looks fabulous out there. Don't you change a thing. :) That cistus (Rock Rose) is spectacular and the rose, ooh, la, la. The sedum macros remind me of broccoli. I hope you're getting your rest. I'm worried about your sore throat.

  6. Good for you for growing peppers and onions--yay! I put in the last of the veggi. garden on Saturday, so I am officially done planting for the year. I like the rock rose--I don't have that, so will have to give it a try--it sure is pretty!


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