Monday, June 16, 2014

The Second Week Of June In The Backyard: Part 2

I'm back with more backyard babies.  I really need to give everyone some fertilizer.  I haven't done it yet at all, and it should have been done at least three times by now.  Slacker.  It would definitely give the annuals that are pokin' along a kick in the butt to get goin'.

My Impatiens started out really small, since I bought them in flats, but still, they don't seem to be growing like they should.

Isn't it early for Hostas to be blooming?
Or have I just not accepted that it's the middle of June yet?

I bought this yeeeeears ago and the tag said it's a Dwarf Meadow Rue.
I think it had the wrong tag.
You can see how tall it is in the first photo.
Supposedly it's Thalictrum kiusianum.

Here's a shot of the whole south side.

A Clematis that my mom passed on last year is blooming for the first time.
I don't know if the flowers are supposed to be this small, or if it isn't getting enough sun because it's still so low to the ground.
Either way, it's super cute.

Also on that side, the Speedwell is blooming.
This one is Veronica spicata, 'Royal Candles.'

More Spiderwort, that's threatening to take over the world.

Heading back to the back, there's a very rare Homosapien called 'Laney.'

Behind her, the Evening Primrose is solid flowers and literally glowing.

Here's some shots of the front side of that bed.

We've been munching on the first of the Snap Peas.
So good.

The giant Hosta is officially giant.

The Lady's Mantle is blooming now.

I bought a Catmint for the first time this year.
I'm kinda loving it.
This one is called Calamintha grandiflora 'Variegata.'

The Knock Out Rose is still bloomin' solid.

I always look forward to this one blooming.
I love this plant.
It's Hebe 'Sapphire' and it was solid flowers when we got home.

Speaking of plants I love, my first Phlox is blooming.
It rates a ten on the olfactory scales.

This rose had buds when we left, so I missed all but one of the blooms.
It's on its way out, but there's lots more comin'.
And, it's one of the only ones in the yard that isn't completely naked from blackspot.

I don't know what the heck is goin' on with this one.
The new growth shot up to about 6 feet.
When it's done blooming, I'll whack it back to the ground.

This is one of my new babies.
I've grown it before, but it wasn't super hardy, so I bought it this year as an annual.
I figure it will be a happy surprise if it makes it.
Variegated Sage 'Tricolor.'

This is another new baby.
I couldn't help myself.
I didn't have any pink Hydrangeas, and this one has the sweetest baby pink flowers.
The tag said it's a variety that stays small, only 3 feet tall and wide, or so.
I'd give ya the name, but it's another one that's missing.  :(

Here's proof that these suckers will grow anywhere.
Perennial Bachelor Button.

Today, I'll leave you with a quote:

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."  -  Luther Burbank


  1. I love that quote, Mindy, but even more than that I love, and am amazed at, your gardens. They are ALL spectacular. You can tell you spend a lot of time and effort and love making them beautiful. That cute little homosapien is the best little flower in the garden though- xo Diana

  2. The hebe plant is a cool one... I'll have to keep my eye for that one the next time I am at the nursery. Your garden is the perfect backdrop for photos of your cute kids. It is just gorgeous.

  3. So true, what Mr. Burbank said. I only fertilized for the second time last night. I'm a total slacker too. And yes, it does seem very early for Hostas to be abloom. I"m not a big fan of the flowers and will probably whack them off. Love the pink rose and the pink hydrangea. But you know me and pink. :)

  4. You should have your garden on a garden tour... it's gorgeous!!

  5. So many beautiful views of your garden Mindy! I love the bench under the tree, the view along the south side, the blue veronica, and the pale mauve phlox, but the prettiest of all has to be the little Homosapien named Laney!

  6. Love that quote pal! And let me just say that the primrose you have rocking there is down right amazing! Holy goodness! You again have stopped me in my tracks with the intensity of beautiful color in your vignettes! Just stellar friend! Now I am off to pin...your little sweetie is a doll! Happy week to you Mindy! Nicole xoxoxo

  7. Beautiful, Mindy! The new clematis is lovely--it's one I'm not familiar with. And you've got the neatest collection of hostas--so much variety. And I am jealous that your hebe made it through the winter--all of mine died a few winters ago. They are lovely, though. I have variegated sage, too--mine got gigantic, and then a winter a couple back knocked them back quite a bit, but I still have one in the back yard, and a purple-leafed one on the side of the house.

  8. Hi Mindy,
    I have one word for your backyard...happy! I love it. All the plantings look fantastic. Excellent job with the composition. The spots of yellow you have added really pop. What a happy place to be.

  9. Hey, I have a royal candle plant I feel cool because we share a plant species and you're the bees knees when it comes to gardening in my book


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