Thursday, July 10, 2014

Driveway Veggies Update: The Second Week Of July

That heat we got over the weekend of the 4th kicked the veggies into high gear.  I think every single one of the tomatoes has fruit now.  And there's baby cucumbers comin'.  I picked three little ones last night for dinner.  So fun.

Check out the corn!
I don't know if we'll get any with only 8 plants, but they sure are growin' good.

The tomatoes are goin' nuts.
That biggest one up against the gate is a cherry.

Aren't the baby cucumbers so cute?

I took a picture of the watermelon that's planted between the arborvitae.
I don't know, it's not lookin' very promising.
He's still so tiny.

The rhubarb, on the other hand, is huuuge.
And I've already picked a ton of it.
I gave him some steer manure a couple weeks ago.
They LOVE it.
I swear you could watch them grow when you scratch it in around the base.

I bought a second plant and put him in a couple weeks ago in the parking strip next to the other one.
Look how cute he is.
My goal is to have enough to freeze some.

And that's it for the edibles this week.
Hopefully my next veggie post will be a harvest of something!
I'll get a good picture of the makeshift raised bed, too.
That sucker is overflowing.

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  1. Rock on with the veggies pal!! That rhubarb looks Fantastic! And yep...your tomatoes are huge there! Loving those cucumbers as well! Happy harvesting!!! You total inspire me with how you have squeezed in the veggies this year by the way!! Nicole xoxo

  2. You're growing a ton of food! Your maters look mighty good.

  3. Are the veggies loving this heat! (even if we aren't)! Don't loose hope with your watermelon. I think mine is about 10 days ahead of yours. It just started putting out vines and they are growing like 4 inches a day I swear. I still have high hopes for a watermelon this year. There has to be some reward for living with all of this hot weather, right?!

  4. Lexa has a couple or watermelon vines and they are taking off in this heat!

  5. Your veggies are looking so healthy and strong Mindy. My tomatoes are sad in comparison to yours. My green thumb seems only to extend to flowers. I think I will follow your example and give my rhubarb some manure.

  6. Mindy, I water my dahlias once a day when the weather gets over 85 degrees. Any lower and it's every other day. You might see them looking limp in the heat of the day, but they will do that even if they are fully hydrated. As for topping, yes Swan Island Dahlias moves theirs twice before letting them bloom. That's why ( if you have ever been there) every variety in the field is the exact same height. Topping is great, especially for the taller ones. But it is HARD to do. I swear my dahlias let out a scream when I pinch out the growing tip - or so it seems :) I always have the best intention of topping most of my plants but the reality is I end up topping 1/3 each year. But the ones I do are a nicer, bushier plant shape. Easier said than done though :)

  7. I love the look of Rhubarb plants, all big and leafy wonders. They do like the manure don't they? I bet you will have enough to freeze. My neighbor brought us six big tomatoes the other day. I couldn't believe he was already sharing them. We've gotten a few cherries but the big ones are still a few weeks away from ripening. Yours look great and I really love the look of the corn. Even if you don't get any ears, it looks great.


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