Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Life Snippets #12

It's time for some random photos of life at the Northrop house.  If you're new here, I started these posts last year when our kitchen was a gutted nightmare.  It was my attempt to find meaningful little things in the midst of chaos.  It continues to be a way of pausing and appreciating for a, glass-half-empty, kind of gal. Even if only for the amount of time it takes to snap a photo.

This kid.
She just may be the death of me.

An afternoon of outdoor racetrack extravaganzas.

Views from a deck chair.

I can't think of a single thing in the world that's more relaxing than watching a sprinkler go back and forth.
High on my "someday" list is having a yard big enough to accommodate one of the sprinklers that make that, chhk chhk chhk chhk chhk, ccccchhhhhhhhhccccccckkkkkk sound.
Do you know which ones I mean?

Both new-to-me recipes off my Dessert Pinterest board.
You can find them both on my Pinterest Recipes I've Tried board.

A verrrry sleepy two-year old.

Our garden cucumbers are producing like crazy.
I made two jars of refrigerator pickles using this recipe and five jars using this recipe.
I'll let ya know how they taste in a few weeks.
Actually, my first batch has been goin' for a couple weeks now, so I might need to bust into them this weekend.
Both recipes are also on my Pinterest Recipes I've Tried board.
There are more pickled veggie recipes on my Sauces, Dressings, Condiments, and Seasonings board.
I'm doin' the carrot/daikon mix next.
Banh Mi are happenin' on our next meal plan.

More from the biggest personality in the house.

My fifty cent, desert garage sale, cookie jar.

Fresh flowers all over the house.

A cute baby butt.
I might be a wee bit in love with these pictures.

Morning front yard water check.

A rearranged in the living room, again.
I know, it's ridiculous.
The fireplace is back on the little wall between the windows.

The early morning sun coming in through the master bathroom window.

A gallery wall in the same bathroom, that I've been working on for longer than I care to admit.
The top one isn't mounted square on the mat, and it's an odd size, so I haven't had any luck finding a frame.
That one, and three others, are Ansel Adams.
The ferns in the center are photographs my BIL took and gave me for Christmas years ago.
I love them.
The bird is from a calender, the white chive flower is one of mine (it's in my Etsy shop).
The smallest frame is a beach photo that a friend's dad took and the one on the top right is a phtotograph of the main drag by our house, when it was still a dirt road and orchards.
I kinda wanna go all the way to the ceiling and the floor, but can't decide whether or not to continue the board and batten into there.
Decisions decisions.
I know one thing, I LOVE framed photographs.

The end.

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  1. She is so grown up now,...I can't believe. I think you have to stop calling her The Baby soon. What will be her new name?

  2. I love all your candid shots Mindy. You must go, go go to keep up with it all: the kids, the house, the garden, the homemade cookies and pickles. I wish I had half your energy! Those cookies look so delicious by the way!

  3. All good stuff, right there! I just have one question: What DOES the fox say?

  4. It is all so gorgeous friend! Your new gallery is stunning over the mantel! And are ya kidding me with your cutie! She is a doll... Is it the 3rd child thing that makes them that way?!? Got that going on over here too! Really loved the shots of the garden and all the little life bits of happy!!! Gotta try those pickles!!! Happy weekend to you pal!!! Nicole xo


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