Tuesday, July 22, 2014

When Rain Is Bad - Very, Very Bad

I was gonna give ya a break from the plant photos today with a food post.  But then this happened.

I knew the rain was coming, and actually was really looking forward to it.  I was thinking I'd need to have the hose surgically removed from my hand if we didn't get get a break from the heat.  But I was reminded this morning of why rain in the middle of July is not a good thing for gardeners.

I went outside to check on things this morning, and when I looked over and saw the Peegee Hydrangea, my stomach sank.  I was afraid to get closer.  I just knew I'd find all the main branches broken off.

THANKFULLY, nothing is broken...yet.  I tried shaking some of the water off, but they're so dang heavy that I feared I'd be the one doing the breaking.  Gaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, this suuuuuckks.
Look at this poor thing!

It makes me sick to my stomach.
And the Peegee isn't the only plant to take a literal beating.  My other hydrangeas, most of the annuals, and tons of tall perennials, are bent over and laying in the dirt.
Luckily, I have a tomato cage at the base of this dahlia, because without that small amount of support, it surely would have been broken off at the base.

The potted Curly Willow is all bent over.

And look at my poor 'David' Phlox.

I couldn't look at any more.  I had to come in the house.
I can only imagine what my poorly staked tomatoes look like.
I don't wanna know.
And it's supposed to rain at least through tomorrow.
My stomach can't take it.
I'm gonna go rock myself in the corner now.

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  1. Oh Mindy, dang it anyway. I have a few drooping plants but I don't think we got as much rain as you did. I bet most plants will pop back up once the rain passes. Isn't it weird to have rain in July, or driest month? Our weather is all over the map this year. Gardening is the most frustrating of the fine arts.

  2. You got much more rain than we did in Eugene...less than 0.1". I'll bet you'll be surprised at how things perky right back up again.

  3. Girl, I feel your pain! Not happy that you feel this way, but happy that I am not the only one that gets sick to my stomach and just wants to cry when I find my plants damaged from the rain or wind. My husband looks at me like I am nuts, when I am almost in tears over my plants. He says stuff like "it's nature, nothing you can do" "they are plants Karie, its not that big of a deal" Oh oh OH oh......I just wanna slap him the more he acts like its not that big of a deal. lol I try to explain that these plants are my babies :) :) Look on the bright side though, they aren't broke.....its even more heart breaking when you find stems broke off. I am sure when the sun starts shining they will perk up again, and if not completely then there is always the trick of tying them up/staking them!! Happy Gardening!!!

    1. Oh my gosh, it was horrible! Every time I walked out there yesterday, I'd see that hydrangea and my stomach would sink again. The hubs helped me tie it up when he got home from work, but it's still a train wreck. A main branch, front and center, broke off. And yes, I wanted to cry. It IS a big deal!!! No more heavy rains, please!!

    2. Well I think your horrible storm moved its way to Ohio! Sunday we got hit so hard!!! It was so bad the roads were flooded, they even had to block some roads. Our basement got flooded and the worst part is I had a lot of damage to the yard :( All our neighbors yards got flooded and drained down our driveway. We had a RIVER instead of a driveway. All our gravel washed down the road and sidewalk. It was horrible. My Tomato plant (new one to me---the tomatoes are the size of blueberries) was flipped over on its head. Lots of branches broke :( I was just like you, sick to my stomach and on the verge of crying. Still cleaning up the mess!!

    3. OH NO!!! That's horrible! That makes my rain storm sound like a mist. And here I was bitchin' about some broken off branches. That sucks, sucks, sucks.

  4. Yikes girl! You must have gotten A LOT more rain up North than we did down here.So sorry about all of the damage. I had just literally finished tying up all of my dahlias the day before the rain started so I was lucky there.So, be brave and go outside again. Take it one plant at a time. They are tougher than you think and many will rebound. I know how frustrating it is though!

  5. We have gotten slammed with terrible storms and some of my plants never popped back up but some did. I would just go around and start staking like crazy before the next storm....It will all be ok! I have invested in a tackle box this summer with different zips and ties to have on hand with the storms we have been having. I have no doubt that all will be good....let us know how it is all going. Nicole xoxo

  6. It is always hard when the garden takes a beating from wind or rain. Some of my trees were completely bent over in last winter's ice storm, and they bounced back amazingly well, so I am hopeful that your hydrangea, phlox and other garden plants will return to their normal, upright position.


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