Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hot Blueberry, Brie, & Basil Sammie

This sandwich was soooooo gooooood.  I ate it for lunch three days in a row.  I won't talk anymore, I'll just show.

So the recipe came from the blog, Grilled Cheese Social.  All she ever posts is grilled cheese sandwiches. Clearly my favorite blog ever.  
Her original version of this is a wee bit different, only because I didn't have mascarpone.
I did what any cheese loving human would do and I dug through my cheese drawer.
I came out with white cheddar.
Same difference, right?
Okay, no, but it was still amazing.
Cream cheese would have been a closer sub, but I didn't have any, so you work with what ya got.

Here's the link to the recipe:

Oh man, it's all about those hot, juicy blueberries.
(Out of our yard, I might add.)
It only takes like five minutes to make them.
Totally worth it.
I made mine in the morning, then stuck them in the fridge till lunch time.
It made enough for three days worth of eating this.

I was skeptical about the basil.
I love basil, but I just wasn't sure it would work.
Silly me.
Trust the Grilled Cheese Master and go with what she tells you to do.
Use the basil.

Here's heaven coming together at my house:

Oh man, my mouth is having flashbacks.

Just take a good look at that.
Ridiculously delicious.

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  1. I love me some blueberries:-)

  2. Are you trying to kill me with this one friend! This looks outstanding!!!! I mean my goodness! Heaven on bread! Pinning right now! And are you up for a blog hop to you about why you blog....wanted to nominate you and pass it on to you in my next post?! Have a great weekend with the fam!!! Nicole xoxo

  3. This looks so good! I went to check out the grilled cheese website--I love her writing style and her recipes all look delish! She has a really tasty-looking one that features avocados, chipotle mayo, corn relish, monterey jack and cilantro, and I may just make that tonight for dinner. Have a happy 4th!

  4. I'm officially on the hunt for gluten free bagels so I can make this. I never would have paired basil with blueberries - brie with blueberries, sure, because anything goes with brie. They have the best blueberries in Maine, so now I just have to drive a few hours north to get the blueberries after I get the bagels. These will only cost me about $100 to make - wahoo! ;-)

  5. This looks so good!! All my favorites!!


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