Monday, July 14, 2014

The Second Week Of July In The Front Yard

It's another front yard update.  Lots more babies are bloomin'.  Including the Hydrangeas.  This lace cap one is in the driveway by the back door.  It was here when I bought the house.  I looooove it.

In the main garden, the Phlox are blooming.
This is the only one I've ever bought - all my others are hand-me-downs from other yards.
I dug for the tag, but couldn't find it.
It's the prettiest color of purple.

This hot pink one came from my grandma's yard.
It's bloomin' its little heart out, but it's covered in mildew already.  :(

I don't have the heart to do it when it's blooming so good, but it will have to be whacked to the ground.

I was taking pictures of it from outside the fence and look who photo bombed.

Can ya see it?

He's after the Verbena Bonariensis.

Apparently the flies like it, too.

Next to the pink Phlox, I have a pot of Ivy Geraniums up on a stand, that are just now starting to finally get goin' good.

Pink, pink, and more pink.

Here's a few shots from the sidewalk side.

I must have reused some old potting soil.
There's a Creepin' Zinnia (I can't remember the name of it - maybe starts with an S) poppin' up in the mix.

On the other side of the stand is a Dahlia.
I got my first flower.
I think there must be two different ones that got planted together.
The other is just solid lavender without the white tips, but it isn't blooming yet.

One lone Zinnia has started blooming.

This Ann Folkhard Geranium is starting to do its vining around the Day Lily and through the fence.
I love it.

This little Snapdragon must have reseeded from a couple years ago.
There's a new Dahlia comin' up under the chair, but no buds yet.
More 'Autumn Joy' Sedum behind it.

A mixed pot stuck in.
This one is Coleus, White Zinnias, and Lobelia.

One of zillions of tomato seedlings popping up.
They come up everywhere.
Must be from my homemade compost.

These are in the new bed where I took out the Rhodies.
Bandana White and Bandana Cherry Lantana.

A pot with Coleus, Sweet Potato Vine, Zinnias, and Angelonia.

The white Salvia in the ground is Snow Nymph.
It's the one I grew in pots last year and LOVED, so I'm tryin' it in the ground.

The pink variegated leaf plant is Alteranthera 'Party Time.'
It's my first time growing it.
It's in a pot with the 'Bandana Cherry' Lantana.
A 'Wasabi' Coleus is in the ground behind it.

And that's it for out front.
Backyard babies up next.

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  1. Your flower pictures are always so pretty, and inspiring. I want to walk past your house and just stop to gaze at it all! lol...

  2. Beautiful pic pal! Loving that dahlia!!! STUNNING!!! And your phlox is gorgeous as well! Prettttttty colors here! Such a joy to walk through your space with you!!! Happy week lady!!! Nicole xo

  3. Gosh I love that hydrangea's blue coloring. My Endless Summer ones are only pastel in color- I NEED one of these richer blue ones!! Love phlox- too bad that one got mildew. It happens so fast. I've been crossing my fingers hoping not to get any on my plants but with this continuing rainy cool weather it's a set up for just that! My sweet potato vine is trying to take over my window planters and choke out my geraniums! Ugh! I'm going to have to stake them and keep them pointed outward! Don't you just love lantana! I haven't seen as many butterflies this year as I usually do but they do love 'em! Love the dahlias!

  4. Lots of hot pink going on there Mindy!

  5. Wow! Looking beautiful!! I'm very jealous of the hydrangea's, they don't grow well in our area because our soil ph is way to high, so the only time we get to enjoy them is if we bring home a potted one.

    1. Thank you! I just LOVE hydrangeas. They're pretty much the perfect flower, aren't they? My neighbor has several in pots that do really well, so that sounds like the perfect solution to me. Thanks so much for popping in!

  6. Oh, are sooo good with growing flowers AND taking excellent photos of them.
    I live in a place that isn't good for hydrangeas....booo hooo
    I sure love seeing yours.

  7. The Alternanthera and the Lantana are a brilliant combination. I love them. I love the vintage chair and the rusty stand. The phlox are lovely even if they get the dreaded mildew. And that hydrangea, mouthwatering! I too love how hardy geraniums snake their way through plants. They are invaluable plants. The photo bomb: at first I thought it was the Verbena because it seems to be leaning in, saying... don't forget me. But that fat bumblebee capture--very cool! Great job girl!


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