Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I had a dream last night that I was painting my bedroom a beautiful shade of green and the whole room was flooded in natural light.  I woke up in my beige dungeon to water pouring out of the toilet that The Girl had just flushed.  Literally an inch of water standing on the bathroom floor.  Ugh.  And the coffee pot may have finally died (water was also pouring out of that all over the counter) and the new fancy one I received as a gift from The Dad two years ago, is still in the box because it doesn't fit under our too low cabinets. Ugh.  And now I have to go hand wash an entire sink full of dishes.  And those dang cookie sheets.  Ugh.  BUT, I have a kid craft project planned.  It's cute in my head.  We'll see how it plays out in real life.  Hopefully better than the rest of the morning.  Ugh.

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