Friday, August 19, 2011

Antique Mall

We have a giant antique store within walking distance of our house.  I've been there four times in 10 years.  I know.  It's a tragedy.  I love the store.  I mean I really love the store.  Which is maybe why I hardly ever go.  Just walking in the door costs money.  Okay, not really, but who has that kind of will power!?!?  If I had wads of cash to blow, I'd be there once a week.  Unfortunately, staying home with kids full-time doesn't pay much.

The point of the story is, today was trip number four.  The kids and I walked over this morning.  My anniversary is this month and I'm tardy getting a gift together.  The traditional gift for 7 years is copper.  I was certain I would find something there.  Yeah, not so much. I'm pretty sure a giant copper horse head isn't on his wish list.

Last year the traditional gift was iron.  I found a cowbell there.  Perfection.  Who doesn't need more cowbell in their life?

You know that's hilarious, so stop rolling your eyes.

Okay, less cowbell, more antique mall.
I could have loaded myself down in there today.
Here are some of my highlights.
This was right when you walked in the door.

Ball jars.  
Miles and miles of ball jars.

I had to think long and hard before walking away from that last one.  
The jars and rack together were $38.

Scales, scales, and more scales.

More kitchen goodies.

It took everything in my power to walk away from this.
An apron made from a vintage tablecloth.
I think it was $12.
I love it with all my heart.

A cute doll bed and two doll houses.

A giant crock.

Awesome lights & candle holders - some you could DIY.

This one really wanted to come home with me.

I stood and stared at this one until the kids dragged me off.

This said they were tiny light covers.
The whole jar was $6.
I have no idea what I'd do with them, but I really wanted them.

Glass stoppers?
Whatever they are, they're super cute.

There was enough furniture to furnish five houses.

Glass favorites.

There's a whole separate room for outdoor stuff.
How amazing is this?!
Clearly I should be collecting old doors.

Birds, birds, and more birds.
Be still my heart.

And a few more cutey patootey critters.

Drool worthy.

 And even a couple giggles.

 What the what?!
(actually, I own something similar - I shall share its grotesqueness one day)

 And at $28, I still don't have a pot to piss in.

 Big day, eh?
As difficult as it was, I only spent $2.50.

Here's my new treasure:

Now that's some serious will power folks.
 Did you see anything you couldn't have walked away from?


  1. Will Power! you are the queen! I would have walked away with lots... the silver bird for sure, that window, the rounded shutters in the one pic... oh i wish i had this with in 10 mins of my house! Probably better I dont! I'd be broke!

    ps... i totally remember laughing my butt to that snl skit! I still think its amazingly funny!

  2. Hello,
    Just discovered your blog. Wow I would be in heaven visiting that place! I would have so wanted that Annie case/box.

    Leah x

  3. I can't believe that poor little Emma didn't walk away with that Dutch Colonial doll house.

  4. I could live there! Lucky you.

  5. How huge is this place? Holy crap. You showed extraordinary willpower -- good for you. So many adorable things!


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