Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Lake

I figured I had better get these pictures on here before it's winter.

The Dad's boss has a place on a lake in Washington.  We spent last weekend there with my parents and my sister's family.  The Dad had been up there before I was in the picture, but it was the first time for the rest of us.  Such a pretty spot.  A lake house is on my someday wish list, so I was able to pretend this was my own little haven for a couple days.

The kids couldn't have had more fun if they were dropped in a candy factory.  They absolutely loved every second, and The Girl has found her calling.  Commercial Fisherman.  Okay, maybe not, but she has definitely caught the fishing bug.  And really, what's not to like about sitting out on a boat in the middle of a lake with a pole?

Here's the weekend in photos:

I was up at 5am the first morning and the fog was thick.  
It was like Gorilla's In The Mist.

A fire on the beach with a cup of coffee and a plate of homemade biscuits and gravy?
Yes, please.

All four kids spent the entire weekend either playing on the beach or begging to be back out in the boat.

The Dog did this all weekend.
She did go swimming once when she decided to chase my parents in the canoe. 
I thought for sure she was going to have a heart attack.
You've seen her right?  
"In-shape" is not necessarily what I would say to describe her.

Saturday, the boys drove into town to buy fresh seafood for dinner.
The lake is on the coast, so the ocean is a stone-throw away.
They cooked the oysters over the fire.

The kids in heaven.

The Dad took me out on the paddle boat to show me his earlier discovery.

And, of course, The Girl wanted to fish while we were out there.

This looks pretty rough, huh?

That's my bag 'o magazines, newspapers, and crosswords.
This is what I won for coming in 2nd in the crossword competition.

The wine, not the hat.
I'll be bustin' into that in about 25 weeks.  :o)

So fun was had by all and I'm ready to go back.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place to be. I had to giggle at the chunklet puppy dog. She looks so sweet :)

  2. Awww,...that is fabulous. While I was checking out your pics, I was pretending I was there too. I drank your wine by the way, sorry about that. I'll repay you in about 25 weeks. :) Looks amazing!

  3. Uhmm. That looks like fun! Lots of it! How sweet of the dad to paddle you out to the lily pads! I think you need to talk more about the biscuits and gravy. I've never had that for breakfast it looks to die for. Literally.


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