Friday, August 19, 2011

Ladybug, Ladybug: A Kid Lunch

This week's Silly Kid Lunch was definitely the most time consuming so far.  Both ladybugs came off of my Kid Lunch Ideas Pinterest board.

To cut the pattern in the Babybel cheese, I used an X-acto knife and a straw.  They came out far from perfect, but the kids thought they were fun.  The Girl thought the bow on her ladybug was the best part.  The Kid didn't get a bow on his.  Ya know, 'cause it was a boy ladybug.  :o)

The sammie is peanut butter and honey.  Cheddar for the wings.  Carrots and apples around the rim.

Here's lunch on the plate:


  1. I'm so happy to know your kids had fun creating these ladybugs!
    Thank you so much for pin my ideas on your Pinterest board!
    Happy weekend ^,^

  2. An Xacto knife and a straw? You win the "Best Mom" award! ;)

  3. I second that motion. That baby bel ladybug is a total work of art!!

  4. This is wonderful, love non-sugar kid ideas!

  5. Your always so creative! You have some lucky kids!!

    I'm hosting a giveaway! chance to win a coach wristlet-go check it out.

    Have a great weekend <3

  6. Wouldn't mind that as an "adult" lunch! Thanks for sharing ---

    beachside cottage

  7. Very cute, I just "pinned" this so I can find it again next time I need food inspiration for my kids.

  8. Bright, colorful and down right fun! What a clever Momma you are ;)

    I would love for you to share these at my Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  9. Hi - love them! So cute. But wondering how long it took? I don't know if I'd have the patience but loving the end result.

  10. Thanks Ebabee! The Xacto knife actually worked pretty slick and cut through the wax really easily. It was the straw that was a pain in the butt. I needed something similar, but metal and couldn't come up with anything.

  11. Happy Monday! I wanted to thank you for sharing this delicious recipe at Recipe Sharing Monday. The new party is now up and I'd love for you to link up again :)

  12. So cute! What did you use for the eyes on each one?

  13. Thanks! For the cheese ladybug I used that writing gel you can buy in the cake decorating section of the grocery store. The icing eyes on the other one I bought at JoAnn Fabrics.


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