Monday, November 25, 2013

Fall Party 2013

Geez Louise.  I best be gettin' these pictures on here before Santa comes and spews Christmas, and all its DIY projects, all over my blog.

So my sister and BIL had their annual fall party last weekend. There was enough food for the entire block.  I ate myself sick. As usual.

Here's the night in photos:

Their house was blessed with a fireplace, but they just converted it to gas last week.
Roasty toasty warm!

My sister made a super yummy fall sangria.
Apples, pears, cranberries, wine, champagne.....delicious.

Yes, that's a lot of pictures for one drink.

The party is always potluck, so the table was set up, waiting for food to arrive.

I brought along the Pumpkin-Banana Bread.

My sister made Brie Covered in Sauteed Cinnamon-Apples and Pears.
Brie covered in anything is my friend.

She also made what I shall call, Persimmon Carpaccio.  
Persimmons, sprinkled with pomegranates, nuts, fresh mozzarella in the center, and everyone drizzled with olive oil and a thick balsamic reduction.
I'll take 12.  Oh wait, I did.

Up next, the rest of the food.
Oh lordy, where do I start?
How's about The Dad's famous Cabbage Rolls.

And while we're on the one-pot meals, let's go with some Chicken and Squash Curry, with a side of Coconut Milk-Butternut Rice, of course.

Tired of chicken?
How about some Lamb Stew.
Baked in a pumpkin!

Or maybe you're feelin' the Sausage and Kraut.

Orrrr, Baked Spaghetti and Garlic Bread.

Off meat this week?
My sister made this Quinoa & Sweet Potato Chili again.
If you haven't made it yet, run to the store for the ingredients. 
It's SO good.
If you can't eat a meal without meat, it's AMAZING with chorizo, as well.

There was also some Deviled Eggs and Filipino-Style Fried Pork Belly.
Um, yes.
It's delicious.

Okay, before I show you dessert, I have to throw in the people pics.

My sister and my niece.

My cousin and his wife.

My cousin's wife and our friend Makaila.

The Dad is doing the no-shave for cancer awareness this month.
So he's furry in these pictures.  :)

Makaila's hubby Rhett, husband and wife friends, cousin and wife, and The Dad.

The Dad, cousin, and brother-in-law.

My sister and our friend.

Brother-in-law and Rhett.

Sister and brother-in-law.

The whole clan, including yours truly, second from the right, rockin' my glasses.

Okay, you did good.
Now, you shall see dessert.
My sister made mini Vanilla Chai Cupcakes that did not suck at all.

There was a Marion Berry Pie that was delicious, but I didn't get pics.
There were other goodies that I was inhaling without photographing, as well.
I know, bad blogger.
The brother-in-law's sister came late and brought these.
Mini tarts filled with nuts and nutella.
And chocolate.
I was disgustingly full, but I still ate one.  
Or four.

Okay, that's all I've got.
Wait, one last thing.
I forgot my camera when we left.
My BIL called when we were a block away, so we turned around to go get it.
These pictures were on there.

There were a few more, but I'm not sure they're blog appropriate.
Kidding.  Sort of.   ;o)

I busted out some DIY Christmas gifts this weekend, so be prepared to get your crafty pants on.

Please see my sidebar for the parties I link up to.


  1. (pssst,...I think you're second from the right aren't you?). Everything looks amazing and hilarious about your bil snapping pics on your camera.

  2. Goodness! Where do I even start!!!!! The food is insane!!! And I will take one of those drinks please!!!! What a gorgeous meal with such a stunning group of people!!! Looks like a blast friend!! I'm down with the crating!!! Happy week to ya!

  3. Mindy- What a wonderful, wonderful post. I love all the pictures of your family and friends. You are a beautiful bunch...and the food looks pretty darned good, too! Love that your bil took pictures with your camera- lol xo Diana

  4. This all looks amazing! What a wonderful group of cooks you have in your family! I think it's cool that your family is nearby so you can celebrate together often--that's a lovely thing. Have fun for Thanksgiving!


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