Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life Snippets #4

I suppose, technically, you could call this quality sibling time.

Anyone else have a fabric stash that looks like this?

Gad, what a nightmare.
And that's only about 1/3 of it.
I went through all of it, folded everything, and put it away as nicely as possible in its home in the attic.
Maybe someday I'll have a craft/sewing/project room.

In the end, I got some curtains for the kitchen made, some Christmas presents done, and new striped pillow covers for the couch.

The stripes were two napkins I had, and they matched the existing floral patterned ones exactly.
Meant to be.
Or maybe that just means I'm completely predictable when it comes to buying anything made from fabric.

The Dog had to break them in for me.

Look at that sunshine.
Clear skies all last week, but cooooold.

The Dad got all the under-cabinet lighting installed in the kitchen last weekend.
I haven't taken any "fancy" photos of it yet, but here it is, in real life.

That's her, is-she-gonna-do-anything-about-me-touching-this-when-she's-holding-her-camera, look.

I know you're lovin' my toaster cozy.

More randomness.

Cinnamon & Clove Bud candle from Bath and Body Works.
Man those things smell good.

The Kid's school award he received at an assembly last week.

Speaking of kids, they both had their school conferences last night.
I'm not sure it would be possible for us to be more proud of them.
They're both model students and so dang smart.
I know everyone says that about their kids, but they really are.

The Girl is only in kindergarten, but her teacher says she's already ahead of the game academically.
Reserved, but self-confident when it comes to participation.
She said the other kids look to her as a leader, even though she isn't outwardly telling them what to do.
Shy when it comes to her feelings and emotions (have no idea where she gets that, ahem), but exudes confidence in her abilities.
Not a bad thing for a girl to have.

Then there's The Kid. 
Oh that kid.
He is so damn smart.
His teacher gushed so much, it almost made me cry.
She said things about him that have been true since his first day of life.
So sweet and mellow.
Friends with everyone.
Always ready to help.
His reading and writing are phenomenal.
He's in the 97th percentile.
98% average on spelling tests.
And then there's math.
Again, 97%.
His average on tests is 100%.
She and another 2nd grade teacher are working on coming up with more challenging math for the kids who need it.
He's constantly wanting us to give him problems to do in his head.
The latest is square roots.
I swear, you show him how to do something once and it sticks.
So smart.

Okay, I'll stop bragging.
We're just so proud of them and the little people they're becoming.
Even that little one, who I'm almost certain will have the biggest personality of all. 

Look at this little ham.

Grammy and Grandpa are comin' to hang with all three of them today, so The Mom can run Christmas errands.
Let's get this thing done!!!

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  1. What a couple of smarties. Clearly your children take after me. :) So happy that they are off to such a good start,...must be such a relief for you. Love the new pillow covers.

  2. Congrats on your fabulous conference reports. You wouldn't believe the epic letter of naughtiness my four year old's teacher sent home a couple of weeks ago. omg, it was so bad, but it is a keeper and I am showing it to his future wife. I love your new curtains and pillows. I enjoyed the sun last week but it could warm up a bit. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. You are perfectly entitled to wax eloquently about your sweet children, my friend. They are lucky to have a mom like you. I love that certain look Laney is giving as she touches the coffee maker. Too funny! I hope you got your Christmas errands done and I hope you have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you'll take photos!

  4. That last shot of your hubs and the baby melted my heart! How cute is that! She looks so much bigger to me! And you should be so proud of your little ones! That says a lot about them and you guys as parents! There is nothing better than to see kids excel...so awesome friend! And you have some mad skills with that machine! Your pillows are so pretty and your curtain for the kitchen is amazing! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  5. Congrats on your conferences!!! Always nice to have someone "in the know" confirm what we already knew about our children!!

    Enjoy your holiday!


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