Friday, November 1, 2013

The Dad's Birthday Dinner

Are you tired of birthday and family posts yet?

The Dad turned the big 46 this week.  He turned forty, six days after The Girl was born.  So it's easy for me to remember how old he is.  :)  My sister is doing a dinner at their house this weekend to celebrate, but I wanted to do something a little bit more special than the every day dinner for his birthday meal on Wednesday.

On the menu:  A mini appetizer platter with salami, two cheeses, and persimmons.  For dinner, I made a salad of mixed greens, persimmons, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and candied nuts.  I drizzled olive oil and balsamic vinegar for the dressing.  The main course was Roasted Cauliflower, Almond, and Sage Risotto, grilled sirloin steaks, Oven Roasted Garlic Butter Mushrooms, and bread.  The risotto was amazingly delicious.  And, much to my surprise, the kids killed almost all of the mushrooms.  They were a hit.  The whole dinner was really, really good.  He requested chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, so I obliged, in cupcake form.

I mentioned earlier this week that his mom is in town.  She's splitting time between here and his brother's house, so she, and her dog, joined us for dinner.

Here's The Dad's birthday in photos:

Prepped and dressed mushrooms, ready for the oven.

Dinner table set.
(Please notice the fact that there is no fridge in the corner.  This is me squealing.)

Cupcakes frosted.
 Sprinkles, care of The Girl.

App plate out.

Steaks doctored up with olive oil and garlic pepper.

Yummy salad assembled.

Time to eat.

The birthday boy.

His mama.

The popular mushrooms that nearly disappeared before I could get a picture.

The to-die-for risotto.

And, as always, dinner on my plate.

After dinner snuggles with Bailey the dog.

Birthday candle lit, "Happy Birthday To You, Cha, Cha, Cha" song, and the wish.

Tearin' into one of those bad boys.

And last, cute baby and doggie photos.

Happy birthday, Chachi, we love you!

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  1. Awesome, I don't even know where to start,....okay, with the food, ha ha. I am definitely trying that risotto and the mushrooms. The salad looks like art and The Girl did a great job with the sprinkles. Bailey looks tense, that just how those dogs look all the time, lol?

  2. Happy birthday to your hubby! As usual, the food looks glorious.

  3. The menu just rocks as usual friend! And oh how I love mushrooms...I will be giving these a try! Your family is so beautiful and there is such much happiness here!!! A very happy happy to your hubs!!!

  4. The food all looks great! The mushrooms look amazing. I clicked on the link in your post, which took me to your Pinterest page, but there isn't a recipe source I could find. Could you possibly please post the recipe?? Thx!

    1. Hi Chris. The Pinterest pin takes you to the link, but to save ya a click, here ya go!

      They were definitely popular at my house and will be going into regular rotation. Thanks so much for coming by!



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