Sunday, July 13, 2014

School Garden

The school that the kids go to has a garden.  One of the teachers worked her butt off writing grants to make it happen.  Several years ago, a big slab of concrete was cut away from the parking lot to make a combined school and community garden area.  It's so awesome.  Every school should have one.

On Wednesdays of every week, she runs an after school garden club.  All ages, kindergarten through 8th grade.  In the three years that I've had a kid there, I've gone to all the garden meetings, but I've never had the kids in the club.  Only because Baby made it a wee bit of a pain.  BUT, they're continuing the club through the summer, and now Baby is old enough to do her own thing in there, so we've been going since school  let out.

I don't know why I've never taken any pictures before.  It's a pretty awesome spot.  So a couple weeks ago, I threw my camera over my shoulder and took photos of Garden Club happenings.  

This is standing on the school side, looking toward the community garden area.
The rose bush, raspberries, strawberries, and huckleberries divide the two spots.

You can see the raspberries, on the left, better in this photo.

These poppies are amazing.

A closer view of the community side.

And these are all shots of the school side.



Shasta Daisies.



The perimeter is planted with vines and perennials.




More honeysuckle.

More Crocosmia.

Day Lilies.


The project of the day:
A concrete stepping stone made with a rhubarb leaf.

And lots of weeding and harvesting.

Baby and the teacher's daughter, munchin' on rhubarb muffins.

There's tons of Sunflowers coming up in all the beds.


Lots of California Poppies.

The goods for the day.

If you'd like to check out the garden's blog, you can do that here:

Their Facebook page is here:

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  1. How amazing is this! Everything about this speaks to me! I love that this teacher put forth such effort to make things happen! YES! Every school should have a school garden! How wonderful for these kids to have this experience and it is such an outrageously beautiful space as well! YAY!!!!! Awesome post friend! A wonderful week ahead to you! Nicole xoxo And how cute does baby look in the mix!!

  2. Wow, first off God Bless that teacher for all of her hard work. What a HUGE blessing for the school and the community. Every school should have one. And I have to say, I am having some serious lust over that poppy - Gorgeous! So greats you are including your kids each week. Baby looks like she's fitting right in with the big kids.

  3. That's a fantastic school garden! It's good to know that kids are learning where food comes from. Glad that you can enjoy it a bit more now, with Baby growing up!

  4. I love this!!!! I agree, every school should have one!! What do they do with all the fruits and veggies that they harvest?

    1. Isn't it awesome?! During the school year, the food is either shared with the whole school during lunch time, or if it's just a few things, the Club kids eat it or take it home to their families. During the summer, the Club shares what they want, then the remaining is donated to a Food Bank. They also have a whole section grown just for Produce For People, another organization that gives it away.

  5. You're spot-on, Mindy. EVERY school should have such a place. Kudos to the tireless teacher who made this a reality. You could see the kids really enjoyed being there. I absolutely love it. Celebrate nature!


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