Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Last Week Of June In The Backyard

I've got a backlog of yard pictures.  I'll have to post all weekend to catch up.  I'll attempt to make this one short and sweet.

The kids are popping blueberries in their mouths every time they walk out back.
I love it.
With only two plants, I've had a small bowl goin' in the fridge for about a week now.
Smoothie heaven.

The Butterfly Bush is in full bloom.
The neighbor across the street, who has since passed, gave me a start of it years ago.

At the end of June, the Hydrangea under the big tree was just barely showing some color.

I planted these stupid things years ago.
Every year they come back and every year I don't have the heart to yank them all.
Morning Glory.

My mom gave me another piece of Phlox this spring and it just started blooming.

And last, I rearranged on the patio again.
Big surprise, eh?
I just can't get it right.
What I really want is to DIY an old farmhouse-style dining table for there and move the furniture back to the deck.
I just need to find some cool legs.
I also would really like to sew some new pillow covers.
These have seen their better days.
Just haven't made the trek to the fabric store.
You'll also see where I stashed the heater.
Anywho, this is how it's lookin' as of late.
My mom donated the coffee table - it was a freebie in her alley.

Front yard pics coming next.


  1. And I thought I had to go to Maine for blueberries...I could just visit your backyard! Oh wait, that would be a bit further...

  2. That's pretty awesome about the blueberries! I like them in muffins or pancakes but not raw. Good anti-oxidant! Love hydrangeas- fun to watch the flowers develop. Your patio looks cozy. I bet some white exterior paint on the coffee table would give it the farm style look you want- sand it in spots to show a hint of the old wood tone and it may be just what you want!

  3. Hi Mindy!
    As always, your gardens are so beautiful!
    I love this post. I smiled when I saw the photos of the blueberries. My oldest daughter eats them every single day. She has been asking me for months if she can have a blueberry bush.
    And, of course, my heart skipped a beat when I saw your lilac and hydrangeas. Two of my favorite flowers :0)
    Sending happy thoughts your way . . .
    I hope you're having a great week,

  4. What a fun outdoor living space! I love the green window frame on the wall.

  5. I want blueberries growing in our backyard so bad!!! The kids constantly clean the fridge out of them. And at least you have pillows. The dog ate mine and is now working on the furniture :/

  6. A freebie table? Hello? What were they thinking? One man's trash... It's gorgeous. It looks perfect in your garden. What an inviting outdoor room. I love it.


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