Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Second Week Of July In The Parking Strip

The parking strip has really filled in.  Like, a lot.  With the heat of the summer just starting, everything is still looking really good.  Nothing has succumbed to the lack of water yet.

First up, Crocosmia.
You may recall my threat last year.  I said I was giving it one more chance to redeem itself and if not, it was outta here.
It's fighting tooth and nail and it is so dang pretty right now.
This is the one I've had forever.  I think the original plant may have come from my mom.
No name - it's the orange one that grows like a weed.
It's not in the main part of the yard anymore, but after its performance this year, it just may be invited back.

Seriously, I know what I've said about orange flowers, but how can you not love that?!
The piece my neighbor gave me this spring is blooming as well.
He didn't know the name of it, but it looks like 'Lucifer' to me.

The yellow Cape Fuchsia (Phygelius) is still goin' strong.

The Delphinium is done, but it threw out one last little flower stalk.

It practically glows next to the orange Crocosmia.

The 'Autumn Joy' Sedum is just starting to show color.

I don't know what's goin' on with the Echinacea, but none of them are doing very well.
I have one flower on this plant I put in last year.

This sucker is still goin' strong.
I told you, it's a great plant.
Blooms nonstop and can take the heat.
Rock Rose.

Hey, remember how excited I was that my Chocolate Cosmos overwintered?
Yeah well, not so much.
This is what it turned out to be.
A stinkin' Aster of some sort.
I have NO idea where the heck it came from.

The Rudbeckia is bloomin' its little heart out.
I moved some pieces to the other side of the parking strip this spring, and some into the backyard, too.
Not bad for a $4 dollar investment just two years ago.

The Geum I put in this spring is slow goin, but he's pretty cute.
I hope he comes back next year.

My Cosmos experiment is working out.
The few that I put in are doing just fine down there and are just starting to bloom.

Here are some shots of the whole strip, from a few steps back.

I stuck a lavender in, down in front of the stump, but it clearly is not movin' very fast.
You can't even see it behind the Alyssum.

I think I've committed to taking out the big green monster that you can see up in the yard.
It's a Lemon Cypress.
Now, it's just actually doing it.

Not bad for essentially an experimental area, eh?
It's actually one of my favorite spots in the yard right now.
Even with all that red and orange.  :)

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  1. Love the mixture! I'd be so jealous if I was your neighbor.

  2. You have the most amazing varieties in your garden. I imagine anyone who sees it, stops in their tracks to look at all of the beauty. I need to try rudbekia soon since it really thrives here too. I love delphinium, but they only lasted one season here and that's all the time and money that I give a plant. The orange next to blue is so pretty and complimentary to each other! I just wish there were more blue flowers to enjoy! I can't believe that your sedum is already turning color!

  3. The crocosmia and rudbeckia are perfect plants for a hell strip. Very low maintenance and drought tolerant. I can't believe your aster is blooming already!


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