Monday, June 13, 2011

A Dragon Birthday

I mentioned here that it was my nephew's 4th birthday on Saturday.  My sister had a party at their house for him.  While I had my camera out, taking pictures of the event, I snapped some yard pics as well, so I thought I'd share a few.

I showed you the picture of their new fire pit area in this post.  Here's a virtual walk around the rest of the yard, as well as some party shots.

They did donations to the Humane Society in lieu of presents. 
(family always cheats and never follows the no-present rule) 
The donation box was here, next to the stuffed kitty and doggie. 

My brother-in-law built a fort as the birthday surprise.  Have you seen the movie "How To Train Your Dragon"?  I LOVE that movie.  So does my nephew.  He's all over it right now.  So the fort is a castle and his other auntie made him a flag with Toothless on it.

Even The Mom was able to climb up.

He also got viking gear.
The Girl was wearing the dragon hat and they were 'slaying' her.

My sister made a dragon birthday cake.

And fun was had by all.

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