Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mammoth Hosta

My mom gave me a piece of this hosta several years ago.  A friend of hers had shared a clump, so she shared with my sister and I.  This thing is GIGANTIC!  I took some pictures of it on June 4th, thinking it was pretty impressive then.  I had planted a new Jacob's ladder in front of it.

Here it is two weeks ago:

You can see a normal, variegated hosta planted in front of it, which is actually pretty good sized.

Here's the beast, as of Friday:

Clearly I did not think things through when I was sticking the Jacob's ladder in the ground.
This thing is pretty darned impressive.


  1. Wow, that is a large hosta! We had a bamboo plant years ago and it totally took over our backyard planter also. Funny how certain plants are that way.


    Jenni (Pancake Art)

  2. Oh how pretty! I love huge hosta and you must have the perfect growing conditions in Oregon. The slugs have already found mine :(

  3. Gorgeous. I would love to have those surrounding my back deck. If only I lived close by, lol.

  4. We have some of these and I love them. I know them as "elephant ear hostas" not sure what the official name is.

  5. What a cool plant! I have a hard time growing hostas, mostly because the slugs devour them before they have a chance to get big, but if I put a bunch of Sluggo around, then they do well.

  6. That is one heck of a plant...what fun. It does look attractive with the mix of other plants.

  7. The slugs go after mine too - they go after EVERYTHING!
    The Kids and The Dad call it 'dinosaur food' because of the size of the leaves. :o)

  8. My hostas are GINORMOUS this year too! Is Ginormous even a word? Probaly not, but it fits!! Is that a Kossa Regal?

  9. My hostas are very large this year too. Between the rain and the compost applied early, I think they are loving this wet year. Of note on the slugs: I heard on our local garden the hostas are first emerging for the year, pour a some slightly diluted ammonia on them. Apparently it deters slug eggs and doesn't bother the hostas a bit. Ruth/Eugene, Oregon

  10. Deborah - I honestly have NO idea what kind it is. I'll Google that name and check it out though.

    Ruth - Thanks for the tip! I've never heard of using ammonia. Anything is worth a try!

  11. Gorgeous!!
    Thank you so much for linking to {nifty thrifty things} last week!
    I hope to see you again tomorrow!


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