Monday, June 20, 2011


I've been talkin' about it and talkin' about it (not to you - I talk to myself a lot) and I finally did it.  I went to Goodwill this weekend.  I don't know why I don't go more often.  I love wandering the aisles.  I think it should be a weekly outing with the kidlets.  Take five bucks and see what we can score.  Although five bucks wouldn't get me very far at the one I went to.  It was spendy!!!  Annoying.  Seven dollars for a serving bowl?  Really?  C'mon.  Next time I'm gonna try hittin' up the Salvation Army.  They seem to be more reasonably priced.

Anyway, here's what I came home with:

The best part of the whole trip....a terra cotta pot.  A BIG terra cotta pot.

Deal of the day.

You didn't think it would still be sitting empty after two days did you?  

This is ME we're talking about.

You're pretty impressed right now that I could work flower pics into a Goodwill post, aren't you?

Next up....a fruit bowl.  No, not the $7 one.  This one was $2.99.

A blue bowl that I LOVE the color of.  It was only .99 cents.

I put a bouquet in it for the dining room table.

Another .99 cent-er, a plastic egg carton for camping.

Aaaaand, two glass, lidded containers.  Two bucks each.
I'm trying to decide what I want to put in them.  
Marbles?  Broken colored glass we've collected?

And finally, two rolling pin things that I have no idea what they're for.  
I just like them and they were only $1 for both.

So there ya have it.  My junk store finds.

I also made a run by Home Depot. 
I came home with two projects to add to my constantly growing to-do list.  

Here's a sneak peak:


  1. YEAYYYY!!! You found some AWESOME things! Love those glass containers..$2 is a steal! Yes def hit up the Salvation Army...They always have crazy 1/2 off everything deals.

  2. Hi Mindy,

    It looks like you found some awesome items! Your garden is beautiful with all the lovely blooms.

  3. The Goodwill I go to is a little pricey, too. But I have managed to find some good deals on a few things. I like to browse for books. Who pays $20 for a book anymore?


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