Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To-Do List

Our ever-growing to-do list hangs on the fridge.  Staring me in the face daily.  It's atrocious.  Some days, I wake up and have an anxiety attack over the zillions of things that need to be done.  Most of which need more time or more money.  Or both.  I fantasize about having the ability to pay someone to work their way down the list for us.  Never gonna happen.  So it just keeps growing.  Ah, the joys of home ownership.  I swear, if we're finally able to cross something off, we're adding three more to take its place.

Here it is as of today:

  1. Install living room and laundry room windows. (they've been sitting up against the house for 2 years)
  2. Paint north side of house. (when we repainted last year, that never got done)
  3. Scrape, sand and paint exterior areas that are peeling. (we've painted twice in the last five years - the NW is famous for peeling, bubbling cedar siding)
  4. Put up downspouts. (they were taken down when we painted)
  5. Paint exterior doors.
  6. Paint porch and side steps.
  7. Screen doors for front and side.
  8. Replace rotting wood edge around driveway plant bed with stone.
  9. Paint A/C.
  10. Trellis over garage door.
  11. Cover patio arbor.
  12. Rain barrels.  (The Dad got the plastic drums and was going to build wood housing to go around them.  It was my Easter gift 4 or 5 years ago.  Still not done.)
  13. Recaulk new windows inside where they're separating from the window sill.
  14. Install tile in master bathroom shower.
  15. New light fixture for laundry room.
  16. Refinish hardwood floors.
  17. Clean out and reorganize garage - take down wall. (the wall was put up when I worked from home and used the garage as my office area)
  18. Refinish deck - strip, stain, seal.
  19. Build permanent staircase to access attic. (we have a pull down ladder in the hall ceiling - as of now, the attic is used for storage)
  20. Finish attic for living space.
  21. Solar tube light in dungeon, AKA, master bedroom. (those things are amazing - they're also $300 bucks a pop, uninstalled)
  22. Figure out a way to make the closet in the The Girl's room functional.
  23. Remodel kitchen. (cabinets, floors, counters, DISHWASHER, new fridge, possibly take out wall shared with dining room)
  24. New black handle and lock for front door. (why are they sooooo expensive?!?)
  25. Paint master bedroom. (the paint is in my possession)
  26. Playhouse for the kids. (I have no idea where we'd put it)
  27. Build cabinet for master bathroom. (the plans are on Ana White's website)
  28. Build cubby cabinet for hallway. (again, on Ana White's website)
  29. Round up garage sale stuff. (by THIS Friday)
  30. Buy a minivan.
  31. Build an area in backyard for fire pit.
  32. Finish bathroom cabinet, AKA, buffet on patio.
  33. Refinish free armoire and find a home for it.
  34. Touch up all interior woodwork - get another gallon of paint.
And now I'm going to go have that anxiety attack while I sit on the deck and accomplish none of the above.


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