Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Roundup

The Mom is gonna be MIA over the weekend.  I'm takin' my Chocolate Coconut Bars, my vat of country gravy that I brewed up yesterday morning (my favorite breakfast in the WORLD is biscuits and gravy), a stack of newspapers that I haven't had a chance to read, a book, a magazine and a pile of crosswords, and I'm blowin' this popsicle stand. 

Yes, that means no Silly Kid Lunch today.   I  know, I know, I already had my talking to from The Kid.  I promised an extra one next week.

So instead of my usual Friday post, I decided to throw in some flower pics.  From my poor, neglected garden.  That's what happens when I take on a project inside.  I completely ignore the outside.  The proof is in the closeups.  You'll notice a layer of sawdust covering everything.

This was probably the most exciting discovery of the day yesterday.  
Our very first ripe cherry tomatoes.  
The kids and I each got one.  And it was deeeelicious.

The anemones are loaded with buds and the first flower opened yesterday.

The perennial lobelia is blooming.

I managed to sneak up on a swallowtail that had landed on the phlox.

I found another one of my phlox completely buried in surrounding plants.  
Poor thing still found the strength to bloom.

The main part of the backyard bed is just bloomin' like crazy.  
I've posted pics of this spot before.
The hydrangea, bee balm and monkshood are helping each other stand up.
There's a dahlia back behind everything that hasn't put out yet.

Speaking of dahlias, two in the front yard are FINALLY blooming.

Next to them are some mini sunflowers (which means I have no idea what they are) that reseed like crazy (which means they're super naughty) every year.
Oh, and by mini, I mean the flower is small.
The plant is NOT.

There's also another crocosmia out front that's blooming now.
The name is 'canary'. 
That, to me, would suggest yellow, which it is not.

The blue salvia and green necotiana look so pretty next to each other.  
I'll have to remember that for next year.

And finally, the ivy geranium hanging on the porch.  
It has gone nuts.

Of course, I had to bring a few sprigs inside.  
Here are some on the mantel.

And that's it folks.
As of now, I am officially off duty.
Hope everyone enjoys the weekend and I'll see y'all next week!


  1. Sooo pretty! Have a wonderful weekend Mindy..enjoy those coconut bars ;)

  2. mmmm, biscuits and gravy. Have a great weekend.

  3. Have a super weekend! Can't wait to hear all aboutbit!!

  4. The lushness of the garden this time of year is its own reward! As are the cut flowers for bouquets!

  5. Wow! First off, you are my long lost twin loving' the biscuits & gravy..BEST..FOOD..EVER! Secondly, your garden looks great. I especially love your creative mantle jats/vases with the flowers. Charming, creative & beautiful!


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