Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall In The Garden

I have a dogwood in a pot that has never bloomed, but the leaves this time of year make it totally worth it.

Every year I swear I'll rip out every single morning glory shoot that emerges from it reseeding itself.
Then, about August, I think, maybe just one.
As you will see, more than just one escaped my wrath.

Another plant that has waited until fall to put on its biggest show is this salvia.
The hummingbirds (well, the one that always comes to my yard, anyway) LOVE this plant.

And, it's official, the rains are among us.
It should be dry again next June.


  1. That morning glory is really pretty. I've never had a dogwood bloom but then again, we have bushes and not trees. Probably makes a difference.

  2. Mindy, put that first picture on a canvas and sell it! (p.s. I'll buy one...) It almost looks like an abstract watercolor. Your porch is like A Midsummer's Night Dream in a nutshell. Watch out, Hollywood may come knock on your door.

  3. Your dogwood is just beautiful--I love how you photographed it so the leaves were backlit--gorgeous! I have some rambunctious morning glory that reseed every year, too--they like to grow up the rambling roses at the front of the house. Your salvia is so pretty--I like the deep rose color! I have been painting and staining furniture, and the dry times are definitely increased due to the rain, but today it's 70--yay!

  4. OMG Mindy. I opened this post and I thought the first photo was a painting. I'm serious. Wow, just gorgeous.

  5. Why would you want to remove your Morning Glories? They are so beautiful! I love the pictures of your patio under the rain. I can't wait for rains to arrive here. It's still so hot.

  6. Your garden is amazing. Never mind that it's wet now from the rain. Gorgeous! Those last photos really tell the story--so many pretty flowers still in bloom. Plus I love your rusty do-dad by your Salvia. Way cool!


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