Monday, October 8, 2012

The Mums Are Blooming!

This is probably gonna be one of the last yard posts of the year.  Awwww, so sad.

My mom came across some free plants last month that she shared, plus I bought a couple new perennials for the parking strip, so thought I'd get some pictures of them.  We'll see which ones make it through the winter.

I also have a chrysanthemum that I bought last fall that's bloomin' its little heart out right now.  I stuck it in a pot with a dusty miller and it appears to like my choice of home for it.  Much better than floppin' all over the place when they're in the ground.

The 'Black and Blue' salvia is still goin' strong.
It's so dang pretty.

This Dianthus is one of the freebies from my mom.
I'm not generally a fan of variegated flowers, but this one's kinda cool.
It's called, 'Coconut Punch'.

Okay, down to the parking strip we go.
I took some ornamental grass out this spring, that was threatening to take over, and it left a huge gaping hole that I never filled in.
So I stuck in some of the freebies down there.
Two of them probably won't overwinter, but they're pretty for the time being.

This is a campanula called 'Ringsabell Indigo Blue'.
It will most likely make it.
I shouldn't say that out loud.

That silly 'Autumn Joy' sedum in the last picture started from a leaf.

I'm hoping this scabiosa makes it, but I don't have much luck with them.
This one is called, 'Mariposa Violet'.

I'm crossin' my fingers this cosmos comes back.
I won't hold my breath, though.
It's called, 'Chocamocha'.

I bought this 'Goldsturm' Rudbeckia, as well as a 'Husker Red' Penstemon and a red leafed heuchera.

The Kid started some seeds he got at the farmer's market in June and the marigolds that came up are just now starting to bloom.
I don't do orange flowers, so I'm glad they waited until October to show their faces.
Now I can say they go with the season.
They're festive.  :o)

This pineapple sage isn't bloomin' yet, but it's healthy as heck - givin' its home.
The hummingbirds LOVE the flowers.
This one came back from last year, but it doesn't always, so I buy a new one every spring if I lose it.
The leaves smell SO good.
And taste good too!

 I also have a snow berry (that's super naughty), crocosmia (that hates it there, which I think is odd), a couple grasses that I can't remember the name of, two veronica's, another low growing perennial that LOVES it there,  a piece of yellow cape fuchsia that I stole from my sister's yard and stuck in a couple months ago, along with an iris I stole from her, and the artichoke.  
I whacked the artichoke to the ground when it started gettin' ugly and wasn't producing anymore and it looks much better now.

Does anyone else have any tried and true parking strip plants?
I've been watering the heck out of the new ones, but this area generally gets completely ignored.
So any suggestions for plants that like all day sun, including the scorching afternoon sun, and are drought and car exhaust tolerant, would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Great pics! Love the free flowers :) Best price around! As for parking strip plants...maybe coneflowers, cosmos, daylily, catmint.

  2. say it ain't so! Last flower pics of the year? :( Sad face.

    Why are snow berries naughty? And why don't you do Orange flowers? Nosy minds want to know. :)

  3. Sad to see the last flowers of the season, but pretty pics...Wish I could get my hands on some free flowers!

  4. Such pretty colors and I love the mums blooming reminding you that Fall is here! My garden has been ruined by the heat here in CA.

  5. We have one set of orange flowers that surprised me in spring. I am not a fan of orange either, but I'm so happy that the flowers are here and winter is gone, that I've grown to like these particular ones, lol. Smart idea having the mums in pots. Most of ours are gangly and therefore fall over, this would be a good technique to keep them upright.


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