Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Roasted Beet Hummus

Oh beets, how I love thee.  I pinned this recipe a year ago and the stars finally aligned.  This is appetizer number two from my sister's fall party.

Before this, I had never made hummus before.  Gasp.  I know!  And it was insanely easy.  Everything went in the food processor and out came hummus!  Kicked up a notch.

For the recipe, go here.

I used golden beets instead of the typical red, hence the non-purple color.  I also threw some garlic cloves in when I was roasting the beets and then used three cloves of roasted and one clove of raw, instead of all raw.

It made quite a bit, so I did some in a bowl with veggies for dunkin' and then made some cucumber bites with a basil leaf on top just for fun.

Here's my first attempt at hummus in action:

Seriously good stuff, kids.


  1. how pretty i dlove to come over for one of your partys!

  2. would never have thought to use beets but why not. Looks yummy and the cucumber bites are adorable.

  3. I bet the kiddos love it. So pretty and healthy too.


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