Sunday, May 26, 2013

1950's Party

We had a crazy few days toward the end of last week and into the weekend.  Baby had a fever that never went away for two entire days, topping out at just under 105 at one point.  But a call to the doc made me feel a little better about it, and today she's pretty much back to her normal self. 

In addition to a sick baby, we have a sick kitchen.  Water seeping up out of the seams of the flooring prompted a roof, exterior and crawl space check.  When nothing was found, a plumber cut into the wall behind two of our lower cabinets to find three leaks in our sink waste pipe.  Water was gushing out every time we turned the sink faucet on, for God only knows how long.  We've got rot and mold in the wall and floor, and a lovely slug infestation in the studs.  I'm trying to imagine something more disgusting.  So outside of a temporary pipe fix and a box fan sitting where our lower cabinet used to be, we're not touching anything until an insurance adjustor can come out.  I'm crossing my fingers that will happen on Tuesday.  Nothin' like cookin' a meal in a torn up, wet kitchen that smells like mildew.  Completely disgusting.

On a happier note, our trip to the Rock Farm last weekend was to celebrate my step-dad's birthday.  We do it there every year and every year my mom picks a new theme.  This year was the 1950's.  Rule is, you dress the part and she brings all the decorations and plans the food.  I also got the chance to haul up about twenty CD's that I hadn't listened to in forever.

Here's the party:

My brother-in-law is always in charge of the people pics, since I suck at them, and he hasn't sent them to us yet, but here are a couple that ended up on my camera.

My mom made little poodle pins for all the girls.

Dinner was burgers, fries, and blackberry shakes.

I wish I had one of those burgers right now.

The cake was a drive-in scene.
Super cute, right?

Another party theme under our belts.
Back to the swamp.
It's cheesesteak sammies and chips for dinner tonight.

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  1. That is an awesome awesome way to celebrate! I love the theme and your peeps look adorable! The cake!!! Wow!! What a great break from all the yuck in the kitchen! I am sending you repair think thoughts...that everything gets fixed and cleaned super speedy! (my babe had a crazy high fever for a couple days too...freaked me out! Don't you hate fevers!!!)

  2. Sorry about your kitchen. Hopefully insurance will cover it.

    On the bright side - that party looks like a lot of fun and I'd love one of those blackberry shakes - yum!

  3. THIS is MY kind of party since I am such an expert on the 50's....hahhaaa...that was my time to party. :))
    Your mom did an amazing job on capturing so many things of the 50's....a burger and fries in a basket plus sodas were pretty much the norm....
    I'm so glad ya'll had such a good time....

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