Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Second Week Of May In The Garden

I feel like it's been forever since I've posted and, really, it's only been four days.  Things got busy with my nieces birthday, Mother's Day, life, etc.  I forget how long it takes to go through pictures when I'm trying to do it all at once.  Gad. 

First up, Old Nelly.
My Nelly Moser, clematis got its first flower.
This plant originally came from a start out of my grandma's garden.
I love it.

I've planted a ton of annuals over the last couple weeks.

Geraniums up front, snap dragons in back.

Black-eyed Susan vine.


A really pretty African daisy that I had never seen before.

Gotta have lots of verbena.

The Girl picked out lobelia, verbena, calibrachoa, and a petunia for her pot.

Here's a handful of the six-kagillion impatiens I planted.

I got The Dad's hot peppers planted in the old sink.

I started some zinnia seeds in a flat and they came up good.
I just repotted them into six-cell pots today.

More calibrachoa.
I love this stuff.

More geraniums mixed with purple basil.
And a baby.  :o)

This is another one of the fuchsias that over-wintered.

My Mother's Day pot from my mom.

I got all my hanging pots for the tree planted with impatiens, fuchsias, and a tuberous begonia.

And back to perennials, the Knock-Out tree rose is starting to bloom.
I've had it since I bought the house in 2001 and it's probably one of my favorite roses.  
It blooms all summer and smells amazing.

This rose has the cutest little pink flowers and the buds are just now starting to open.
It was one of the only plants in the yard when I bought the house.

The red climbing rose on the front fence is the WORST for black spot and rust.
Every year I threaten to rip it out, but it's so dang pretty.
And smells delicious.

This salvia will be solid flowers before too long.

The iris are bloomin' better than they ever have.

Except this one.
I don't know if he needs new dirt, doesn't get enough sun anymore, or what.
Last year I didn't get a single flower and this year there will only be a few.

I took this sage out of a pot earlier this spring and didn't think it was gonna make it, but now it's covered in flowers.

I love this fern.

The purple rhody is solid flowers.

The false Solomon's seal is blooming.

It's a pretty puny plant for as long as it's been in the ground, but this heuchera is bloomin'.

My little salal baby from my mom is blooming this year.

To stick with the shade-lover theme, the wild lily-of-the-valley is blooming and the mammoth hosta is, yet again, threatening to take over the world.
Or at least the back yard.

The palm is in full bloom.
I told you it had weird flowers.

One of my upright fuchsias that over-wintered has buds.

It won't be long before we're eating blueberries!

This peony is another one of the plants that was here when I bought the house.
I've dug and divided it and have a piece in the front yard now, too.

The radishes and snap peas that we started from seed are doin' really good.

My mom gave me this campanula last fall and I stuck him down in the parking strip.
I was happy to see he made it.

Here's another campanula that's starting to bloom.

A couple different colors of spiderwort.
And a cute dog.

The red rhodies out front are blooming, but red's hard for me to photograph, so I couldn't get any good pictures.
So how 'bout a baby next to them instead?

The window boxes on the south side of the house are starting to fill in.

And these little dianthus that came back from last year.

I don't know why, but I've had sweet peas reseed the last couple of years.
This one is blooming already.

And last, another one of my favorites is in full bloom.

So there ya go, another week, another flower.

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  1. AMMMMMMMMAAAAZZZING!!!! Seriously! Ok so that rose tree?!?! Insane! It is out of this world Gorgeous! ANd your weathered pots are so cool not to mention the beauties growing in them! You so inspire me friend seriously! I'm blown away with your garden! And how cool that you have a plant from your Gram's garden! Beautiful Beautiful...love every single shot!!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  2. You have a very lovely garden! So many beautiful flowers and plants! It must be an amazing place to spend the day! I can practically hear the bees buzzing and smell the scent of flowers from your gorgeous photos! So sweet to see the baby and the doggie, too. Hope you have a lovely week! xx

  3. Wow! So many bursts of color. Your post made me feel much better! ;0)

  4. Your yard is prettier than my local garden center.

  5. Beautiful flowers all, Mindy! Your baskets are going to be gorgeous, and I love the bronzy foliage on your fern. I love zinnias, too, and it looks like you're going to have tons to put in your garden. I'm hoping to spend more time planting after this next rainy spell--end of the week and weekend--working on containers and baskets. One more plant sale on Saturday that I'd like to attend, and then the focus will be back to dealing with the vegetables. It feels a little cold to harden off my tomato babies, but I'm probably being a bit over-protective :)

  6. Such a beautiful garden! We are so behind this year with late snow that many of my perennials are just poking through. I'm a long way from any blooms! Thanks for sharing!

  7. wow everything looks absolutely beautiful!

  8. Hi Mindy! I love your garden even if I'm commenting a month late. :) I am going to let my Saxifrage go to seed and see what happens.

    I've had my sweet peas reseed too. I'm going to see if they will this year.

    I love how everything survived thanks to our mild winter. Your fuchsias are going to look so cool, if they don't already.

    Happy gardening to the little ones too.


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