Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Random Thoughts & Tidbits: Part 12

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, hasn't it? 

  • Do vegans use composted manure in their gardens?
  • Every night I get RLS.
  • We watched the movie, "This Is 40" a couple weeks ago.  Pee your pants funny.
  • The stars have aligned and I'm getting a new kitchen.
  • The neighbor behind us sounds exactly like Seth Rogen.  Exactly.
  • I sleep with a bar of soap under my sheet.  See #2.
  • I planted 96 impatiens on Sunday.
  • I'm getting a new kitchen.
  • It's a wonder I manage to stay sober all day.  #stay-at-homemomwiththreekids
  • I never knew RLS was an actual "disease" until the drug commercials started in.
  • Just say no to drugs.
  • If you're a newlywed and are excited to have kids, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD wait a couple years.  You'll thank me later.
  • "Best birthday EVER."  Please watch that movie (see #3). You'll thank me later.
  • Have I mentioned I'm gutting my kitchen?
  • Do you remember the Mother's Day extravaganza I was blessed with last year?  Wellllll, I got this e-mail today:  Subject:  Mother's Day, Where: The Antonio's,  When: Sunday @ 12pm  Don't be late! See you soon. ^_^
  •  Yay!
  • Those poor suckers blew it for themselves last year.
  • Okay, seriously, I'm saying it out loud, so it's officially real, I'M GETTING A NEW KITCHEN!!! 
  • Me 'n this glass of wine are movin' to the couch.  There's a bag of kettle corn in my near future.


  1. Thanks for making me smile at the end of a longggg day! HURRAY!!!! I am so super duper happy for you on the kitchen front friend! That flipping rocks and you know what...you deserve it because you will appreciate it and use it! If I had it to do over again I would have added some open shelving...just saying! Oh and I saw that movie with the hubs and holy cow...I was rolling! Would have been better with a glass of vino! Well I'm off to cage some more of my plants...the darn bunnies got after my foam flowers last night...off to cut wire!

  2. You are a riot! Congrats on the new kitchen.
    I get RLS too. Drinking more water can help. You may be dehydrated without realizing it. Say no to the drugs (but not the wine).

  3. Hi - I had RLS but I tried a home remedy someone recommended and it really worked ... have a small glass of tonic water an hour or so before bed. It contains Quinine, which helps RLS. Worked for me and can't hurt to try..

  4. Yay for a new kitchen! And the stay-at-home-mom-and-sober thing... Well, I never get beyond being able to drive, you know, just in case we need to go to the ER or something. But when I filled out paperwork at the dermatologist, I answered honestly that I drink about 5-7 drinks per week (wine/beer). She suggested I cut back. I looked at her like she was crazy, then it occurred to me that she has no children - hahaha!

  5. Kettle corn! Holy crap. Are you eating that stuff in the yellow bag from Costco? It is SO ADDICTIVE. I love it!

    New kitchen. Sweet! Photos please.

    RLS is for real. I get it sometimes too. Have you tried exercising in the evening? I used to and it seemed to help. Kind of like getting all the cobwebs out.

    Thanks for the movie tips. I'll have to tell the hubster. We're always in the market for a gut buster. (And I'll be sure to wear a pad.)

    Ninety-six impations? Photos, please!

    Number 1: My daughter is a vegetarian and the answer for her is, NO. Ick. :)

    Happy weekend, dear friend.

  6. What? A new kitchen?!? You lucky dog! I can't wait to see it.

    P.S. Can I have your old one?

  7. Wow - a new kitchen - what fun! Can't wait to see the before and afters.

    I want to see that movie, of course if it's not on netflix I don't seem to see it now.

  8. A NEW KITCHEN!!!! I'm soo excited for you! Can't wait to see it all come together.

  9. I also got RLS while pregnant and it never went away. I don't get it every night, but I do get it often and it is bad! I haven't tried the soap under my sheets trick yet, but I know that 2 Aleve and 2 melatonin tablets are usually enough to help me fall asleep and then I sleep like the dead so I'm good to go.. :) p.s. So glad for you on the new kitchen--I'll take a photo of my counters for you soon...believe me--you can handle the suspense, they're not that great...


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