Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Princess Jasmine Party

Since my nephew's Lego Birthday Party post has been so popular, I figured I'd share my niece's party pics from earlier this month.  She's a girlie girl all the way, and wanted a princess party.  So my sister went with one of her favorites, Princess Jasmine, and followed the Aladdin theme with Middle Eastern food.

Here's the day in pictures:

Basmati rice.

Insanely delicious meat pita pockets that were cooked on the grill.



Baba ganoush.

Cucumber-feta salad.

Pita bread.

Super cute cupcakes.
Banana with cream cheese frosting.

And the grand finale, a Princess Jasmine cake.
Which apparently had yellow cotton candy clouds, but they disintegrated into the cake before the party.  :(
The rug is a rice krispy treat covered in fondant.
Super cute.

There ya have it.
A party fit for a 3-year-old princess.

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  1. A party fit for a princess, indeed! Everything looks wonderful, Mindy. Finally got my computer so I can get around to visit again! xo Diana

  2. Yummy and very nutritious!

    Love the cake; lucky little girl :)


  3. Everything looks amazing and the food looks so delicious!

  4. Oooh, that menu is amazing. I am definitely borrowing it for some occasion this summer, lol.

  5. A party fit for an adult too! That is such a classy looking spread! Love the vases and all that delish food. Can you come plan my party? I'm a princess!

  6. Everything looks fantastic!!!!! I love all the details - especially that princess Jasmine cake. So cute..


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