Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Kid Apron

I busted out the sewing machine again.  My niece's birthday was last week and I decided to make her an apron like the Hello Kitty one I made for the neighbor girl.

I used the same tutorial for the apron itself and the double-fold bias tape.  I added the ruffle and pockets again, as well.

I had leftover fabric from The Girl's ladybug party, so that's what I used.  Instead of Hello Kitty, I did three different sized flowers and attached them with the same heat n' bond stuff I had used for the kitty face.  Then I did a zigzag stitch around each one.

Here's the latest, I-suck-at-sewing, project:

The sewing machine is still sitting on the floor in the dining room.
Remember the 10-minute Patio Curtain I made two years ago?
Yeah well, the squirrels chewed through the pocket hole last summer.
So I've got the drop cloth in the dryer and hope to be hangin' up a new one before the day is over.
For some reason, the pile on that side of the house has gotten bigger.

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  1. You make me wish I could sew as well as you can - so take that, lol. Turned out super cute - I'm sure she loved it.

  2. It's adorable Mindy! And you totally do not suck at put me to shame

  3. Super sweet! Really!!! What little girl would not love an apron like this! You rocked it!!! I need to get a sewing want my kids to know how to sew!

  4. You suck at sewing? I think not. It's adorable! What a lucky little girl!

  5. You are not a terrible sewer (for first time ever I noticed that sewer - apron maker, and sewer (think septic) are spelled the same - who knew). Anyway love the apron = especially the ruffles.


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