Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

Because we hosted Easter lunch this year, and my niece and nephew were here, the Easter Bunny hid eggs at our house.  We were lucky to have a dry morning and afternoon, so the kids could tear around in the backyard, hunting for the goods.

We let the two youngin's get a a head start, before the big kids took off like rockets.

My sis, giving hints.


The Dad.

The lightning speed big kids.

And, of course, checkin' out the haul.

He looks exactly like my dad in this next picture.

Uncle Sherwin.

My attempt to get her to hold still for a picture.

And that's it.
Another Easter for the books.


  1. The girls are so pretty in their Easter dresses! I love eggs hunts for the kiddos. They have so much fun and everything is so idealistic, as in absolutely gorgeous Spring green everywhere!

  2. Looks like everyone had a blast. Your boy looks so much like you. Especially the smirk. ;0P

  3. What are those aqua glass things on your mantle??? They look familiar but I can't think of the name.

    1. They're glass insulators. I may or may not have a small addiction when it comes to collecting them. ;)

  4. What's the climbing vine on your shed? I was also wondering.... when do you fill your 100's of outside baskets with flowers? Are you up to 100 flower pots yet? Love seeing your son look so healthy and happy :) Can I go on a Easter Egg Hunt in your yard? I don't think the kids would mind because I wouldn't even be picking up eggs......just checking out all the other goodies in your yard :)

  5. Your garden is PERFECT for an Egg Hunt!!
    I imagine everyone had a blast!!
    Thanks for sharing :o)


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