Friday, April 24, 2015

The Backyard: 4/23/15

I don't typically post on Fridays anymore, but when I was out taking pictures of my Clematis yesterday, I snapped some shots of a few other things.

I'll start with a Columbine.  I bought this one two years ago, and last year it had reseeded like crazy.  So I moved my free plants all over the yard.

His name is 'Winky Red.'

The white and blue are waning, but the pink Wood Hyacinths are blooming now.

The color of the Heuchera in front is crazy bright.
I kinda love it.
I think it might be 'Marmalade.'

Both of my new Foxglove are just starting to show color.
This is 'Foxlight Ruby Glow.'

The bracts on the dogwood tree are so white now they glow.

Another one of my Lewisia is blooming.
This one is Lewisia cotyledon 'Rainbow.'

I have some sort of mental block when it comes to remembering the name of this Geranium.
I've had it for probably 12 or 13 years - you would think I could keep it in my head.

The mama plant is lavender, but most of the babies that I've dug and divided, or that have reseeded by themselves, are white.

My poor dark purple Lilac is in the same boat as the one out front was.
All the flowers, and leaves, are up so high you can hardly see 'em.
The Dad took off two main branches at the base early this spring, but I'm goin' in after it with the loppers as soon as we get another sunny day.

The Penstemon I put in a few weeks ago is blooming.
This one was labeled 'Riding Hood Series.'
I love the color.

Green, green, and more green on that same side.
The Lemon Cypress is the same as the one we just removed out front.
Hopefully I chose a better spot for this one.

The limey green in front is a Spirea, Solomon's Seal in the middle, a Barberry low in front that has never done ANYthing, and the Clematis alpina Helsingborg on the fence.

This whole bed used to be shade when the big Chlerodendrum tree was there.
But he died.  :(
So it's been transitioning to sun plants ever since.
The Solomon's Seal will get sun burned and need to be whacked off later in the season, but by then the other sun loving perennials will have filled in.
I also planted a new rose, that my mom started for me, in front of the Cypress and I can't wait for it to bloom.
Right now he's just a wee little critter.
Not gonna lie, I've considered putting the Dogwood in the ground over here and turning it back into a shady spot.  
Oh the decisions.
Anyway, back to the pictures, I figured I'd throw a few of the palm tree in.
His alien blooms are bursting out.

I still can't get over how big this dang thing has gotten.
I don't hate it, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if it got sick and had to be removed.

The flowers are funky.
And they make a MESS.
I should whack them now before they have a chance to do their thing.
You need a hand saw to get the dang things off of there, though.

I guess it means he's happy and healthy.
He'll stay for another year.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hell yeah for free plants! That is so awesome that your columbine reseeded. I'd be sad if your palm tree got sick... it is cool that it can grow in our climate and the blooms are interesting.

  2. Very, very beautiful, Mindy. I have columbine all over the place. I love free plants...and will have to re-establish gardens when we downsize. I hope somebody takes pity on me and helps me with some plants when that happens. lol I have GOOD friends!
    Your gardens are gorgeous...xo Diana

  3. Oh Man, I have so many free plants from things that reseed, I'm planning to sell what I can at the Bloggers Sale that Loree is arranging, or just give them away on craigslist. Columbines, lady's mantle, yellow-eyed grass, and Heuchera 'Palace Purple.' Thanks for sharing what looks good in your back yard. That is a very pretty Columbine.

  4. That is a stunning Columbine flower. The color is my favorite! And I love that foxglove too. I am sure ready for some sunny weather again. Sheesh.

  5. I'm in love with winky red! What a stunner!! And yes those blooms are crazy cool on that palm! Sometimes all the decisions on where to take a bed are all too much aren't they?!?! Cant wait to see what you decide and your blooms are gorgeous my friend! Have a great weekend! Nicole xoxo

  6. As always, I loved walking thru your back yard with you and your beautiful flowers. I would love to see it all in person.....:)

  7. I always come away from your post impressed with you garden Mindy. It really is so nice!
    I am having a similar issue of transitioning from a shady area to a sunny one. It takes a while to figure how to handle a big change in light conditions. I am still trying to wrap my head around the big shift at the side of the house. I planted a new tree, so eventually it will revert to a shady area again. Do I plant for that eventuality or do I plant for the present? Best as I can figure, it is better to plant for the present knowing that plants may eventually have to be moved.

  8. Cuz I'm lazy I'm pasting the same comment here that I used to reply to your comment on my blog..."You'd be surprised Mindy, I love pretty much all gardens tended by people with passion. I love the shot of the palm leaves and the lilac and your sedum/sempervivum bowl is fabulous. Is it setting on a real wood base or is that faux? As for the palm it looks to be about the same size as my neighbors and yes, what a mess! I can't believe you'd be happy if it was gone though. Did you plant it?"


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