Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Flowers

This year, I ended up with more flower pictures than food.  I don't know how I managed, but I didn't take a single picture of our Easter lunch.  Too excited to eat, I guess.  I did take quite a few of the kids hunting eggs, though, so I'll break them up into two posts.

You get a sneak peak of the kitchen backsplash with this one.  :)
I got permission from a neighbor to pick lilacs, so pick I did.

We did buffet style this year, so I didn't set the table.
Just a bouquet, candles, and plates.
I mixed in some of my snowball viburnum with the lilacs, and tucked in some plastic eggs.
The Easter Bunny left the chocolate eggs on the table, to let us know he had been here.

In the dining room, the DIY globe lights got a mini bunny makeover, and a wire basket got a clear glass mixing bowl to hold water for more flowers.

My sister brought me a bouquet of dark purple lilacs from her yard.
And a nummy salmon appetizers.

My mom brought me a bouquet, as well.

And last, a few pics of what my sister calls, "The Best Carrot Cake In All The Land."

You can find my recipe here:

And that's it for this post.
I'll be back with Easter kid pics later this week, then back to the usual April garden photos.


  1. Everything looks so beautiful. So lucky to have access to so many pretty lilacs. Glad you had a nice Easter with your family. I bet your carrot cake was really good.

  2. Hello,
    Those flowers look beautiful. I am particularly smitten with the arrangement in the tea cup. Gorgeous! I am a big fan of lilacs. Ah...I just love the smell. I can't get enough of them when they are in bloom here. And that carrot cake looks very yummy!

  3. I can't believe how early lilacs bloomed this year and now the viburnums are too! Geesh, that is amazing to have all of that gorgeous color for Easter. I stocked up my house full of white daffodils and it was gorgeous. It was all I took photos of too! You are so lucky that your guests brought gorgeous bouquets for you. It is all so beautiful!

  4. Your decorations and flowers look wonderful. I love the way you put the flowers on the weigh scale. I also really like the green glass with the birds on the mantle. And I think I would have wanted to by that shower curtain too. So pretty!

  5. Look at those bouquets my friend!!! They are gorgeous!!! Loving that back splash as well....you rocked it! And that cake...ha....man I could eat my screen! Happy Thursday to you!!!! Nicole xoxo

  6. Your lilac arrangements are stunning! Gorgeous!


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