Monday, March 18, 2013

Backyard Blooms

Had to snap a few pics of the latest plants showing signs of life in the backyard.

First up, lungwort.  
This one has always been known to me as, Speckled Spring.

I went slug hunting the morning I was out taking these pictures and I swear I killed 900 hundred of them.
Nasty things. 
This primrose was lucky to be, mostly, spared.

The meadow rue is coming along.
It never does much of anything where it's at, so this year I think it needs a new home.

The daffodils in both of the kids' pots are starting to bloom.
We're gonna have to designate a pot for Baby this year!

I got after the epimedium leaves early enough this year.
It blooms before the new leaves come, so once the buds are up off the ground, it's nearly impossible to cut back last years leaves without taking this years flowers with them.
Should be bloomin' any day now.

I know I've shared the backyard hellebore already this year, but seriously, look at this thing!


Are you kidding me?!
AND, there are TONS of babies coming from it reseeding.
If ya'll were in town, I'd share them with you!
Are you allowed to ship seedlings? 

I'm terrible with tree names, so let's just call these next shots, evergreens, shall we?

I've had this little barberry for three years now and it has never bloomed.
Until now.
Look at those cute little buds.

So there ya have it.
This week in the backyard dirt.
Back to another coat of trim paint in the bathroom....


  1. Beautiful, Mindy. I am so anxious for Spring here. Today it is snowing hard with a couple of inches already down and more snow to come over the next several hours- UGH!!! xo Diana

  2. Mindy!!! It looks so colorful and alive in your yard! is flipping snowing again here today..I really can't stand it anymore and just might lose it! So nice to see color and inspiration through your garden!!! Have a great week!

  3. Your yard is so pretty!!! I really need to get to work!!

  4. Just gorgeous. We are still in the brown twigs and brownish leaves stage. :)

  5. Your flowers are so pretty, Mindy. I've never tried to grow lungwort, and yours are so pretty now I want to try, too! Does it require some shade, or will it grow well in sun? And your hellebore is gorgeous. Love that you have gardens and pots for the kids--great idea!


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