Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Bathroom

When I bought this house in 2001, it was a two-bedroom, one-bath.  Then I  met The Dad the summer of 2002.  You can read the story of how we met here.  Then we got married and had a baby.  Then I got pregnant again and it was either move or add on.  The housing market was inflated at that time, so financially, it made more sense to add on.  So that's what we did.  You can read about the progress of the addition here.

The point of my little story is, we built this bathroom from scratch.  And when we put in the beadboard, we didn't dry fit the sink first.  So for 6 years, the chair rail at the top of the beadboard has been directly behind the sink, getting water splashed on it.  And for 6 years, the paint has been peeling off of it.  And for 6 years, I've been staring at that peeling paint.  Well folks, six years later, we finally fixed the problem.  Can I get a hallelujah?

This is where the chair rail sat originally.

To take off all of the beadboard and start over would have been a major job, plus more money than we wanted to spend.  So we ended up buying some baseboard at Home Depot that's made out of recycled plastic.  And it's waterproof.  The Dad ripped the top part of it off so that it's just a flat piece of trim.  The sink can sit flush up against it without have a big gap like it had before.  Then we picked out another decorative piece for the top.  He used the router on the back so that it would fit down over the flat piece.  Since we were gonna have all the trim off anyway, I decided to paint the walls, as well.

My plan was to use Revere Pewter, but it wasn't workin' for me in the space AT ALL.  Wrong lighting or somethin'.  So I went with a Behr color called, Saturn Gray.  The bathroom is small enough that I only needed a quart.  I gave all the trim a fresh coat of paint (man, that does wonders) and swapped out the shower curtain with the one from our Master Bathroom.  Everything else stayed the same.

And just for fun, since the bathroom has the exact same footprint as the original one, let's take a look at the condition it was in when I first bought the house, shall we? (Sorry, pre-digital camera photos.)

You guys, it was bright orange.  And they had painted latex over oil, so it was peeling off.  And underneath was pepto pink.  Floor.  To.  Ceiling.  Even the trim. I had to scrape every last drop of it off with a heat gun.

Holy hell, that SUCKED.
 That's a vinyl shower curtain hung over the window, by the way.  At least they matched the pepto and orange.

Here's a couple shots of the new bathroom being built.

Like I said, other than the addition of a linen closet, it's the exact same footprint as the old one, just pushed back.

And now, here's our new, NON-paint peeling bathroom.

You have no idea how happy I am to cross that off the to-do list.

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  1. I really like the vase fixture hanging on the wall. That is such an elegant feature.

  2. Mindy, the finished product is beautiful!!! I really love the flooring, what is it?

  3. Stunning, beautiful, and perfect!!! It is amazing Mindy! I love it! So fresh and spa like! Are those your photos on the wall??? I really like the glass shelf with the glass bottles! I'm sure you go in there now to just hang out! Ha! Well done...and recycled plastic beadboard?? How flipping cool is that!!!

    How did you get your name on your photos? Thinking I should do that. Have a rocking day!

  4. Wow, that's quite a project! The result is very pretty. I love all the decorative details too.

  5. It looks so nice, Mindy. That was a big job and you did a wonderful job with the makeover. You'd never know it was the same room. Perfect- xo Diana

  6. What a makeover!!! It looks 200% better, so beautiful now. We had a creepy bathroom too, drop ceilings and indoor outdoor carpeting just to name a few. Thanks for stopping in, Laura

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  8. OMYGOSH...your new bath is just beautiful, girlfriend. I love it all.
    Ya'll did an amazing job on the remodel and, I swear, it could be in a cute magazine. Send photos to Country Living...they will love it, too. :))

  9. Just beautiful, Mindy! I love the solution of the plastic baseboard and decorative trim--that's something that might work in a bathroom at our place. And I love the flower holder and the little bird decorations--I am such a sucker for little bird decorations :)The whole thing is quite a change from that pink and orange original state--wow, and well done!

  10. I love the colour you went with and I adore the little decorations that you add. You often put in items that are atypical for the room, and then they really stand out and pack a decorating punch. I love your flare.

  11. so much work! you have great vision to take that orange mess to something so clean and relaxing

  12. Oh my goodness, this is such a beautiful transformation! The colors are fabulous, thank you so much for linking up..Thank you also for such kind notes for our Family during this hard time. It has made such a difference knowing we have so much support. Thank you!

  13. Wow! Great job! That looks really good! I'm working on my bathroom, too. I got most of my decorations from World To Home website. They have a lot of beautiful and unique stuff. I love the vase hanging on the wall. Thanks for such a great idea!

  14. What a beautiful bathroom makeover! I think I would have ran screaming when I would have saw the before. LOL. This looks so calm and serene. Please share this on my linky party, if you get a chance:

  15. love the colors in this space, and that bud vase!

  16. Ah! I love the wainscoting! And the pretty blue bottles. :)


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