Thursday, March 21, 2013

Front Yard Blooms

Just a few shots of what the front yard looks like this week.  The marsh marigolds are puttin' on the biggest show.  And my whiskey barrel has seen better days, but with the bright, happy colors in it givin' me some eye candy every time I look out the living room window, I can live with the fact that it's falling apart.

I'm itchin' for a load of compost!


  1. That is so beautiful. I had to pin the first one to reference later:) Happy Thursday!

  2. So pretty! How much of your garden is "shade-ish" garden? Ours is about 1/2 and 1/2. We grow veggies in the sun and, um, lots of vinca in the shade.

  3. Gorgeous. As I look out my window, there is a tiny patch of grass showing, everything else is buried under about a foot of snow.

    Spring is never coming here. :(

    But your garden looks fabulous!

  4. My gosh- Your yard is just beautiful! Gorgeous- I am so so so jealous- xo Diana

  5. Beautiful! Beautiful! What I like is how everything flows in your garden! Great composition!!! It is stunning!!!!

  6. So pretty Mindy! You are a gardening goddess!

  7. A Gardening Goddess, that,...Lindsay hit the nail on the head I think.

  8. I'm staring at sticks and can't wait for blooms! Gorgeous garden - and the whisky barrel is perfectly worn in - not old and falling apart!!


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