Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Thoughts and Tidbits: Part 11

My camera is still gone and I have no meal plan to share, so what's a gal to do other than ramble about her day to day life?

  • The Baby is killin' me.  She WON'T sleep.  What one year old can survive on 30 minutes of sleep a day!?  
  • What mom can survive with a one year old who only sleeps 30 minutes a day!?
  • I have four colors of paint smeared on my bathroom walls right now.  I thought for sure I was goin' with the Revere Pewter that's everywhere right now.  Until I put the sample on the wall.  Bleck.  Greige it is not. It's like mauve gone wild.  It does NOT look good in that room.  So I hit up Home Depot for more samples.  Who's idea was it to paint in the first place?
  • I've had a headache for six hours.
  • Noooooo, I haven't taken anything, Moooom.
  •  We were at my sister's house for movie night on Friday.  I can't remember what I was bitching about, but we were at the table eating dinner and I said something about committing Harry Caray.  The Dad chimes up and says, "Is that where you kill yourself?".  Thanks dear.
  • There are two kindergartners at my son's school who were born boys, but are presenting themselves as girls.  Is that weird?  And young?!  It's on the down low, but I've got mommy connections. 
  • This is me puttin' it out to the universe:  I want a new kitchen.
  • Remember my box wine query?  We were at my mom's on Saturday and she said that she and my step-dad put away a box of wine in one evening.  Now that's hard core.  LOL  (Hi, Mom)  My box habit isn't lookin' that bad after all.  
  • I haven't had a box in the house since I asked that question, so next time we get one, I'll track the consumption.  Inquiring minds want to know.
  • I need the kids to go to bed so I can put away the last sleeve of Thin Mints without having to share.


  1. Ok I am an open minded gal and have been a teacher in the public schools....I have to say that's a bit young for letting your little one present themselves as a different gender. As for the no sleep thing my 5 month old bean thinks it's way cool to not take naps after being up most of the night last night...talk about buzz head! And holy cow I wish I had some thin mints..but we already put away 3 boxes bam no problem! Ha. I'm still thinking about the littles in your sons class?!?! Have a great night hope she sleeps for you!

  2. LOL- Fun post even with a headache, no sleep and thoughts of doing yourself in...good old Dad!;>) Hope today is better- xo Diana

  3. I find it ultra bizarre that there are TWO boys who are presenting themselves as girls. Is this that common of an occurrence? I don't know what I think about whatever is going on there, but that there are two just blows me away.

    I so hope you get some sleep. Come on Laney,....let's have a little nap sweetheart.

  4. I just finished our last sleeve of thin mints tonight, haha! There was only one left, so...someone had to eat it.

  5. Hi Mindy, Hmm... I'm perplexed by your son's peers as well. One I could sort of understand but two seems, well... uncanny. I hope they have nurturing parents. And I suppose you and the hubster will have to begin thinking about how to approach this with your son. Isn't life interesting?

    You are a person with a lot of energy and creativity, we all know that. But everyone has their limits. Laney ain't helping matters, girl. Go to f***ing sleep. Maybe you need to buy that book and read it to her. LOL. The headache is likely from lack of sleep. Or maybe paint fumes. :) Or your body craving Thin Mints.


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