Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Mantel

I feel like donkey doo doo.  The Dad brought home a nasty cold and was nice enough to share it with me.  And what is it with babies and their uncanny ability to know when you're sick?  She chose today of all days to sleep a total of seven minutes.  That's after waking up in the night and then deciding not to go back to sleep.  Thanks, Baby.

Also, I had to ship my new camera to Canon to have it serviced.  It had been acting up for quite awhile and for the last week or more, I've only been able to shoot in Manual Focus mode.  So after troubleshooting over the phone with a rep, he thought it sounded like a manufacturing defect.  So I'm back to my point and shoot.  Which was really weird to get used to again.

So in an attempt to make myself better, I cleaned my living room, went outside and picked some flowers, then rearranged the mantel a bit so I could put them where I can see them from the couch.  Which is where I plan on parking my behind promptly when The Dad gets home from work.

The Dog has spent the entire day doing what I've been trying to do.

Now if these children would just. stop. fighting.

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  1. I'm so sorry you feel like donkey doo doo. BUT, your mantel looks beautiful!!! I love your green glass collection.

  2. Your mantle is beautiful, Mindy, but sorry you don't feel well. Your greens are just gorgeous.
    Ummmm...when the kids STOP fighting there is something wrong! xo Diana

  3. First off I hope you feel better...isn't it funny that kids just "know" when to not sleep! Your spring mantel is lovely and those fresh flowers are fantastic! You take care and I hope that as I am typing this you are parked on that couch!!!

  4. I couldn't tell whether those flowers were camellias or hellebores. The color looks like the former but the form looks like the latter. Don't you love the Daphne? I've got a few sprigs here on my desk and I'm in heaven. And what do you make of this sunshine? Not too shabby eh?

    I hope you feel better soon and Laney, girl, you let your momma sleep tonight, okay, sweetie? :)

  5. Boooooo. Sorry you've got that damn cold. Feel better!!

    And gorgeous decor, as always. :)

  6. Sorry to hear you are under the weather, Mindy. I can relate--I'm going on day 15 of a lousy cold/cough that has been driving me crazy. During all of this I had callbacks for Shakespeare, but even though my voice sounds crazy right now due to the cold, I got cast! Now I have lots of memorizing to do, but the show's not til summer. I hope you feel much better soon and get rest. Your mantel is just gorgeous--I love the hellebore and all the pretty green glass and the bird! I've been too sick to do much in the garden, but I'm going to start some seeds today--I'm really late this year, but need to get tomatoes and eggplant going, plus flowers for the containers and baskets. Take care, and enjoy your lovely spring-y mantel!


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