Sunday, July 28, 2013

Caprese Zucchini, Again

I posted this recipe the first time last summer.  I made it again the other night and had to take pictures 'cause it was so pretty.  For my recipe, go here:  Caprese Zucchini

I had a giant orange tomato from the farmer's market that was amazingly delicious.  I think last time I made it, I used regular old grocery store mozzarella.  This time I used the real deal fresh mozzarella.  Go heavy on the garlic powder when you're seasoning up the zucchini. The more the better.  I used a variegated basil from the garden on top.

We had fettuccini noodles with olive oil, garlic and feta to go with the zucchini.  And bread, of course.  It is me, afterall.


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  1. SOOOOO pretty you talented lady you! I will be showing this one to my pop! Hope you had a great weekend!!!


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