Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Second Week Of July In The Garden

More flower pics for ya today.

My other light purple phlox has started to bloom.  The two look pretty similar in pictures, but they're actually quite a bit different.  Well, other than the fact that they're both what I would call lavender.

Behind the phlox, the alstromeria is starting to bloom.
It's in a lot more shade now than it used to be, so it doesn't do much anymore.
I'm not a huge fan of orange flowers, but it's been with me for a long time, so I hate to get rid of it.

The wild impatiens, that come up all over the place, are blooming now.

Most of the hostas are done blooming now.
This one is on its way out.

I love this heuchera.

All the pots are doin' their thing.

I have to throw in a couple kitty pictures.

I finally have some cucumbers comin' on.
And the green beans are starting to come on the same trellis' as the snap peas.

This is the biggest head of cauliflower we got off the six plants.
I'm gonna use it in Yakasoba noodles this week.

The Girl was out in her jammies the other morning, chasing butterflies.
The Swallowtails are out and about now.

These next ones are just random shots around the backyard.

 The giant hosta is.....giant.

And the geese (loosestrife) are officially walkin'.

I bought this vine for the first time this year.
It's like a petunia, but it gets really tall and "climbs."
Not too impressive, but it fills an empty hole.

I think that's it for last week's newbies.
My camera is in transit and should be back today, YAY!
Third time's a charm, right?

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  1. I am so loving the shots from around your garden! It is a magical place!!! Just so super in all of its color and beauty! How sweet is that shot of your sweetie peeking through on the swing! I can not even pick a favorite bloom because they are all outstanding!!! Hope the camera rocks it for you this time!!!

  2. What a wonderful oasis!

    Hostas bloom? Score! I have even more to look forward to when mine finally come up.

    That lil' punkin' in the swing is precious.

    Love your garden, girl.

  3. Your garden looks like a beautiful place to be!

  4. Your garden is SO awesome. I love that you've got every space utilized--the mark of a skilled "cramscaper." And it was cute to see the kitty smiling for the camera. And of course, Lainey being as adorable as ever. Your posts always make me smile.

  5. Beautiful flowers, Mindy--I love the containers, baskets and your kitty! We don't have cukes yet here--you are definitely ahead of us.


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