Saturday, July 13, 2013

The First Week Of July In The Garden

Ahhhhhhh, I have plant pictures coming out my ears!  I suppose I could break it down into just a couple plants per post, but I'd be posting twice a day all week.  So I'm crammin' a whole bunch into one.  Sorry.

I'll try not to talk.  It'll take up less space for your scrolling finger that way.  If you want to know what something is, just ask.  Make sure your email address is either attached to your profile or on your blog if you have one, though.  Or let me know you're checking back in the comment section for a reply.  I feel so bad when I can't respond.  I worry you think I'm snubbing you.  I'm not, I swear!  I just can't find you!

Okay, on with the purdy flowers.....

Okay, so that whole not talking thing is kinda hard.
I feel like I should be announcing each plant as it makes its entrance.
Oh well, I'll let them speak for themselves.
Again, if you have a question about one of them, ask away.

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  1. Good morning :) I do have two do you keep the aphids off your cauliflower? And, what sort of fertilizer/soil amendments do you use? Your plants ALL look so healthy and loved.

  2. Amazing! Don't know which one I love best!

  3. Love love love!!!! Holy goodness!!!!! What is the name of that rose...peach color??? It is amazing! And I am in love with your fence and all of its beauty! Does that space get a lot of shade??? I would love to get more growing on the fence! Your blooms are spectacular! Seriously!

  4. Beautiful clematis, and what a striking rose with buds!

  5. Everything is so lush and healthy. Great pics of a great garden.

  6. Your clematis growing on the fence are extremely effective! L


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