Friday, July 12, 2013

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 2

We haven't done a single thing since my last kitchen post, so this isn't a progress report, but I thought it would be fun to do a post with pictures of everything we'll be using.  Like a mood board, but less fancy.  :)

The Dad's brother and his wife gave us a bunch of tile that they had leftover from their own house projects, and I'm thinkin' about using one of them for a backsplash.  I was originally leaning toward beadboard, because I know that any fancy tile I'd pick out would be way out of the budget, so I didn't even wanna look.  But free is free.  I probably won't commit until the counters are in and I can hold it up for a visual, but I went on Pinterest to see if I could find anything similar, used with marble counters.  And then I found it.  THE kitchen.  I have a kagillion photos on my Kitchen board, and they're beautiful, but this one now lives on my desktop.  I look at it every time I walk by the computer.

I don't what it is, but I love it.  The layout isn't anywhere near what we have, and it's a giant open space compared to ours, but the finishes are similar to what we're doing.  Wood floors, marble (farble) counters, white cabinets, bin pulls on the drawers, knobs on the cupboards, and stainless steel appliances.  And there's the dark grey tile with white grout on the backsplash.  Ain't she purdy? I love her.

Okay, back to our actual kitchen.  Our cabinets will be Adel, in white, from Ikea.  It was the cheapest way for me to get my shaker-style door and drawer fronts.

Here's an up close and personal shot in a real kitchen.
As you can see from the watermark, it's from the blog Southern Hospitality, where you can find tons more pictures of her kitchen.

It drives me nuts that the top drawers aren't recessed like the rest, but ya get what ya pay for.  
Ikea only makes the top drawers flat, so that's what we're getting. 

We also purchased our dishwasher at Ikea.
It's Whirlpool.
I couldn't find it on Ikea's website, but here's one from Home Depot that's similar.

The range, over-the-range microwave, and fridge, were all purchased at Home Depot.
I really, really, really wanted a slide-in range. 
They're pretty much just like a free-standing, but there's a lip that hangs over both sides of the countertop and there's no backsplash.
It's the no backsplash that I was after.
But to get that would have meant at least another $500, so....I went with the least ugly backsplash I could find.
It's square, instead of rounded like most of them.
Here's what we ended up with.

The microwave and range are both Frigidaire.

The fridge is an LG side-by-side.

 I also desperately wanted an undermount sink, but to get one with our laminate counters, we would have had to buy their sink and have them install it. 
I couldn't justify spending $500 dollars (cough) for a sink.
So we went with the cheapest drop in one we could find.
Who knew stainless sinks were so stinkin' expensive?!
Again, we went with Ikea, 'cause they had the best price.
We would have reused the one we have now, but our sink base cabinet will be smaller, so it won't fit.

 And now, for the stuff I have in my possession and can actually touch.
The counters will be Wilsonart laminate in White Carrera.
The floors will either be the original fir that we'll refinish if possible, and if not, we'll lay new hardwood to match our existing.
The knobs and pulls are from Ikea. 
Again, they had the best price I could find for what I wanted.
And last, the hand-me-down tile.

So there ya have it.
Whatdya think of the tile?
It's got a bit of texture, sorta like concrete.
I'm anxious to see it lined up behind the actual counters.
The plan for this weekend is balls to the wall demolition.
Gutted kitchen photos to follow. 
P.S.  I'll be doing a total price breakdown once everything is finished.
Happy Friday!

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  1. I like the hand-me-down tile, especially the price, and I love your inspiration picture. I think the grey tile gives a nice contrast and pulls out the gray in the farble. BTW if I ever get a new kitchen, I think I'll go farble too. Excited for you! Good luck with the demo this weekend.

  2. I agree, the inspiration picture is gorgeous. Your hand-me-down tile is really nice. Total score.

  3. There are many designs of the kitchen. The green kitchen remodeler are one of the best remodeler in L A. So thanks for sharing such information.

  4. Shut up!!! Gorgeous gray tile, that's FRE to the E! Bada-bing-bada-boom!!! I'm really loving it with the light grout. And, that laminate looks awesome. Have fun with the demo! It's going to be amazing :)

  5. Whoo-hoo! Love, love, love shaker-style and your cabinets are going to be brilliant! I can see why you like that kitchen so much. It looks so homey and comfortable. Cookies, anyone? ;0)

  6. This is going to be so fab, Mindy--I love the countertop that you chose, and the deeply hued tiles will be great with that. Love the appliances as well--it's gonna be gorgeous!

  7. Your blog is really helps for everyone, who search wholesale kitchenware products etc.Thanks a lot.

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  8. Hi, I just found your blog while searching for images of laminate marble countertops. I just got samples in the mail of the Wilsonart white carrara fine velvet. Is that the one you chose? I like that yours have a softer subtle veining.

    1. Hi there. The one we went with didn't have the fine velvet in the name. Just White Carrara. There's tons of pictures on my blog of it installed, if you need more photo references. Hope that helps!


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