Monday, July 8, 2013

Apricot Roasted Chicken

Remember the Apricot-Jalapeno Jam I made?  Remember how I said it was for a roasted chicken recipe?  Remember how I said I made the jam so that I could make the chicken?  I made the chicken.  The Dad thought the chicken was amazing.  The chicken was amazing.  I made smashed potatoes and broccoli to go with the amazing chicken.  I thickened up the apricot gravy to pour over the smashed potatoes and amazing chicken.  The apricot gravy was amazing.   You should make the amazing apricot jam, so that you can make the amazing chicken, so that you can eat the amazing apricot gravy.  Go now.

Here it is coming together at my house:

Here's dinner on my plate:

FYI, it makes a lot of sauce.
Which is what I thickened up to make the gravy.
I put the leftover gravy in the freezer for a later meal.
I'll brown up some chicken pieces (most likely thighs, 'cause that's what I like), pour the gravy over them, stick a lid on the pan, and let everyone simmer till they're done.
Another meal, smothered in apricot gravy.
Yes please.

What'rya waiting for?

Pssst, if whole chickens aren't your gig, you could make the same recipe using bone-in, skin-on pieces.
Just adjust the cooking time.

Pssst, if you don't wanna make the jam, you can cheat and use store-bought.
I won't tell.

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  1. Mindy, this looks great! I love savory meals made with fruits.


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