Monday, July 15, 2013

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 3

Soooo, "balls to the wall" in my head isn't quite "balls to the wall" in real life.  Three kids tend to put a damper on things.  Instead of two adults working on demo, it's more like one adult attempting to work on demo while the other one attempts to keep children occupied.  Lame.

Also, just FYI, weekend-only projects suck.  If we could work non-stop for a week straight, we'd be golden. Unfortunately, The Dad has a real job in order to pay the real mortgage.  I shouldn't say unfortunately.  In this day and age, that's pretty dang fortunate.

So this is what we (The Dad) accomplished on Saturday:  Garage cleaned out to make room for cabinet delivery.  Baseboards and quarter round off and nails pulled to reuse.  Trim around top of upper cabinets off and nails removed to reuse.  Trim around both sides of doorway off and nails removed to be reused.  Door jam cut out, removed, and saved, in case we ever get to go up to the attic and need a doorway.  Laminate backsplash on one side removed.  Pulls off all the drawers and cutting boards.  Upper cabinets removed.  Mess cleaned up.

All the uppers are officially out as of Saturday night.
I know it doesn't seem like much, but you wouldn't believe how those suckers were built.
They don't make 'em like they used to.
Plus, The Dad pulled all the nails (which were nailed in by hand, might I add) out of everything and neatly stacked it all in the driveway.

For dinner that night, my sister's fam brought brats for the grill and fruit and chips.
For dessert, we grilled up some oysters from The Dad's boss.

Here's what first demo night dinner looked like:

Sunday morning we were back at it.
I hauled Baby off to the farmer's market to get her out of the way, while The Dad and The Girl started in on the plaster.

By day's end, all the plaster and lath was off the wall we're taking out.
Again, with every nail pulled from every slat.

Well, one side of the wall anyway.
We still have to do the same thing on the dining room side.
Gad, it takes sooooo long.
But progress is progress.
Our cabinets are coming this Friday, the 19th, so The Dad will be taking the day off work to check in all the boxes.
You have 48 hours to make sure your delivery is correct, which means looking at part numbers on an order list and comparing it to the pile in front of you.
Outta be fun, no?
So back at it Friday.

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  1. Mindy, I like to see some good quality child labor :) Demo does suck, there is no other word for it, but it's going to look fabulous in the end!!

  2. The Girl is so lovely. She is getting so big and beautiful. Love the pic of The Dad and The Baby. This is getting exciting.

  3. Oh gosh, Mindy, that is going take you guys another six months to put together again!! I am totally teasing you ~ you are getting a lot of work done with little ones running around. This has got to be really exciting! And your garden is such a gorgeous place to entertain.

  4. Holy cow, that looks like balls to the wall to me!!! So exciting, and scary too! I'm jaw dropped, intensely jealous of your yard. It is just so out of a dream perfect! I currently have a weed growing in our backyard that is the size of a tree. Serious.

  5. Yes!! I love watching remodeling projects! And whoa, that is a LOT to have accomplished in such a short period of time. And what a cutie helping you out with the plaster :) Good luck with the remodel, it looks like its going super well, you guys sound so organized reusing the nails and everything! Whenever Jeremy builds anything I find nails all over the the bed, on the coffee table, in the kitchen sink...and all the building goes on in the garage, mind you, so I have no idea how he gets these nails everywhere inside of the house. Can't wait to see the next round of the remodel!

  6. That is such a big job, Mindy, but it is going to be so worth it when it is done. I am excited to see how this turns out!!! xo Diana

  7. You are making great progress--well done on a big project! And yay for seafood on the grill :)

  8. Yes, as I said before--it would be dangerous for us to live near each other. We love to roast some oysters on a fire--but we only do it in the winter months here. And I'm all about some child labor. God knew what he was doing putting us on opposite sides of the country!


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