Thursday, March 7, 2013

Early March In the Garden

Well, I finally got a good part of the front yard cleaned up.  What a mess that was!  I still have some work left to do, but it looks tons better, and now I can actually see the things that are blooming out the window when I'm washin' dishes.  The only saving grace about that thankless chore.

Here's what's happenin' in my dirt:

Several clumps of the mini daffodils are bloomin' their little hearts out.

Still just one bunch of the standards.

My wagon, that The Dad rescued from the dumpster at work several years ago, is showing signs of life.

The marsh marigolds are everywhere, as usual.
They're so pretty when they bloom, but man oh man do they spread like wildfire.
I'll spend a good portion of time ripping them all out next month.
At least they're easy to pull.

The weigela is just sticks this early, but I still think it's pretty.

Anyone wanna remind me what the name of this is?
I'll never remember.
Bright, strikingly blue flowers on a not-so-pretty, gangly plant.

Same with the next one, Snowflake?
It's one of my favorite bulbs ever.
No blooms yet, though.

My lone columbine is up.
I need more, they're so pretty.

The daphne is in full bloom.

And all the happy primroses.

The heather is goin' for it right now, too.

The hellebore my mom gave me a piece of a couple years ago is finally blooming.
So dang pretty.

And last, the very first flowers are comin' on the lungwort.

So that's what's goin' on in my front yard this week.
Yay, spring!


  1. So beautiful! But how big is your yard? When you show your flowers and plants, it seems as it's huge. I mean you have so many different ones. How do you fit them all in there?
    I have just a few same flowers that come up every spring. I'd love to add more, but there is hardly any space. But even with my few ones, I still get excited when they appear.
    I guess every garden has some pretty but invasive wild flowers. Yours has marsh marigolds, and mine has Bermuda buttercups.
    I love your wagon planter. Such a terrific idea to recycle an old item.
    Enjoy your spring garden!

  2. So glad to see sun in least for the first few shots. I'm about ready for Spring now, as I look out my window at snow fall. Boston is cold!

  3. I am so jealous, Mindy! We still have so much snow here and it isn't even up to freezing today- UGH! xo Diana

  4. Holy cow!!! Your garden is gorgeous!!! It is months ahead of mine!!! We are still under snow! Stunning!!!!!!

  5. I saw these pictures pop up on bloglovin and thought they were from Better Homes and Garden. So pretty! Ahh, I can't wait for Spring.

  6. what a pretty post! You should link this post up to Fertilizer Friday/ Flaunt your Flowers and share them! I'd love to have you!

  7. Beautiful!! I was actually walking around my yard this afternoon after work and thinking about all of the work that needs to be done. Your yard is so beautiful!! Looks like you've already done a lot of work!!

  8. Oh my gosh Mindy, so pretty! Makes me want spring to show up, and a magical green thumb :)

  9. Gorgeous, Mindy! I really like your wagon and how you combined the primroses with the succulents--that is so pretty together. I did start a portion of my seeds yesterday--just vegetables, I still need to pick up a few flower seeds. I enjoyed being out in the sun! I need to try to finish up seed starting, and then I can start hitting the flower beds for a spring clean-up. Happily, the weather is supposed to be nice for the next few days. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Wow, you have so much blooming! I seriously need to add more early spring bloomers to our yard - it's right about now that we really need the color and my yard is dreary!

  11. Mindy -all of your hard weeding work has really paid off. The garden looks just awesome right now. It is hard to beat Spring in Oregon for color. Bright yellows, hot pinks, rich purples - the Spring garden is a show off and I love it after a Winter of brown and grey. Beautiful!

  12. Lovely garden, Mindy. I have daff-envy. I can't grow them here because it's too hot. Enjoy your beautiful blooms!


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