Monday, July 8, 2013

The Kitchen Remodel: Phase 1

The kitchen remodel has officially started.

We got our cabinets and counters ordered over the weekend.  And a dishwasher.  Did you read that?  A DISHWASHER.  We  hope to have the other appliances picked out this week. 

I set up a temporary kitchen in the dining room, which took nearly a whole day.  Thankfully, we already had a makeshift pantry in our utility room, so I didn't need to find too much room in the food department.  I picked out a handful of seasonings I thought I couldn't live without, and the rest of that sort of stuff got boxed up.

Welcome to my interim kitchen.
(Sorry about the bad pictures, my camera is in the shop, AGAIN.)

 I did always want an eat-in kitchen. :o)

On the other side of the wall, we got all the doors off the upper cupboards and most of the stuff inside of them packed up.  I ran out of boxes.  :(  I think, instead of packing up the drawer contents, we'll just stack them in the garage with the stuff still in them.  One less thing to shove in a box.  It's weird, it feels like we're moving.

We also pulled up all the flooring where the water damage was.  PeeeeUuuuuu.  It was still soaked and moldy.  Gross.  I gave everything a good bleach soak.  We had found the same hardwood flooring at Home Depot that we used in the addition, so we figured we'd use the same thing since it's a good match to the original, but now I'm back on the kick of trying to salvage the original fir.  The areas that are rotted out will clearly need to be replaced, in addition to the framing underneath, but the rest should be fine.  We'll see - undecided at this point.

We had to dismantle the corner lazy Susan when we were originally looking for the leak.  It has been this way since.  Slug slime and all.

We'd like to sell the range, but I can't find anything anywhere to even remotely begin to guess how much it's worth.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I'm gonna miss it.  I love that oven.

So that's where we're at, kids.  
It has officially begun.

Here's the long list of what still needs to be done:

  • Tear out all old flooring and refinish original fir floors or lay new flooring.
  • Tear out upper and lower cabinets.
  • Tear out plaster on four walls.
  • Insulate three walls.
  • Reframe and install support beams to open up wall between kitchen and dining room.
  • Cut out rotten flooring and subfloor and replace floor joists.
  • Replace rotten wall studs.
  • Possibly replace sill plate - we'll see what shape it's in when we open up the wall behind the sink.
  • Run new electrical for fridge, dishwasher, oven, garbage disposal, outlets, lighting.
  • Run plumbing for new fridge water and ice dispenser.
  • Run plumbing for new dishwasher.
  • Run gas for new oven.
  • Move two heat ducts from wall to ceiling.
  • Install plank ceiling like we did in the dining room.
  • Rebuild any soffits that get destroyed during demo.
  • Assemble cabinets.
  • Install cabinets.
  • Install counters.
  • Install sink, garbage disposal, and appliances.

    Are you crying too?
    I'll keep the progress reports comin'.

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  1. Oh dear goodness is this just so exciting!!!! And your new kitchen set up is rockstar! You are one organized mama! Planked ceiling is a dream of mine down the road...they are beyond lovely! As for the can't go wrong! Whatever you choose is going to be wonderful! Keep us is gonna be soooo pretty!!!

  2. Sooo exciting! So happy for you guys!! Nasty floor but I LOVE your range!! Have you thought about having it gutting and rewired up to current standards? I think they can even turn an electric stove into gas! It's SUch a gorgeous piece!

  3. Your stove is a classic! You've got it all under control, I see. Looking forward to seeing it through!

  4. OMG - this is so exciting. I'm so glad we've finally gotten started,....I was having a hard time waiting. ;)

  5. I don't envy you the work but it will be SOOOO worth it when you are done- xo Diana

  6. How exciting! And your interim kitchen looks so well organized!

  7. How did I miss this post? I love that range - very retro. Did you ever decide on how much to ask for it? Are you guys doing all the work or will you have to hire some of it out?


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