Friday, July 26, 2013

The Third Week Of July In The Garden: The Backyard

As threatened, I'm back with last week's backyard flower pics.  There's not a ton of new stuff blooming, but the pots are definitely more filled in.

My mom made this cute little broken pot planter.

All my cute little succulents are likin' the heat.

All the basil has kicked it into high gear.
'Bout time.

The bee balm is blooming now.

I had to take pictures of this rose again.
It's the one that was here when I bought the house.
I love it.

And the rest are just random shots around the yard.

I have to throw in this last lone morning glory.
He'd be sad if I left him out.

You have no idea how glad I am that it's Friday.
AND, after being without a car for TWO WEEKS, it's finally coming home from the shop today.
We're celebrating by loadin' up the herd and headin' to my sister's for dinner.
Have a good weekend!

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  1. So beautiful! Reminds me of the movie "The Secret Garden." And I love that cute little white hutch!

  2. Wow. Perfect place to read a good book!
    So make some time for yourself missy!

  3. As always, I am completely blown away by the beauty of your garden. Those fuschias and violets, especially. And yay car!! Being without a car is so frustrating, soon you will have the freedom to go wherever whenever once again :)

  4. Actually I have a pretty good idea how happy you are that it's Friday because I am feeling exactly the same way. It seems like it's been a long week.

    Dang I wish I could get my Peegee hydrangea to look as nice as yours. Maybe the problem could be the fact that it was in a whiskey barrel until early this spring when I moved it to an in-ground location. It's still not looking very happy though. Hopefully next year. Your phlox are looking luscious. That rose is also just fabulous.

    So much gorgeousness! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Wow-All those plants look just great. I really love the little enamelware piece you have planted, too. Everything looks lush and lovely. xo Diana

  6. Looks like a great place for some kickin' back time.
    Hope you enjoyed your supper!

  7. Your garden looks so lush and gorgeous! Seriously, how do you find the time? Please tell me your secret!

  8. Oh your garden is a dream!!!! That cabinet is stellar!!!! And that piece your mom made is fantastic!!!! The succulents are so very lovely too!! You have a rocking weekend lady! So glad you got the car back in action!!

  9. What a beautiful collection of flowers in your yard. The pots are filling in nicely. I love all of the different containers you use for your plantings! Such a neat space!!

  10. So beautiful! Thanks you for sharing the blooms and beauty of your gardens with us!

  11. Very lovely, Mindy! I see heliotrope--I love the fragrance and deep purple color, and have some planted near my front door this year.

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous as always. Will you please take photos of your garden in the middle of winter? I just want to see it looking average. Our bee balm has already finished up, funny how our bloom times are off.

  13. Beautiful garden! And I love, love succulents too! The broken pot planter is charming and the light green hydrangea bush??? It looks like our Limelight hydrangea tree, is it similar?

  14. Beautiful! I love all the different containers for the succulents especially your mom's broken planter.

  15. Everything looks like its in beautiful bloom. I really like the broken pot planter your mom did. Great succulent planters!

  16. I enjoyed the tour of your gardens, lots of pretty flowers. The broken pot planter looks unique.


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