Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Final Countdown

I have been a busy little bee.  With no pictures to prove it.  The big family Easter dinner is at our house this year.  Translation:  All the things that I've had on my to-do list forever, but that I'm now used to looking at, are suddenly all up in my face screaming at me.  So I've been in a crazy person frenzy trying to get things done.  I have two lists going.  One for house stuff, one for food. 

I pulled a box of fabric out yesterday to find something to recover the dining room chair cushions.  I had just done them last year, but The Kids sticky fingers and sloppy eating habits had done a number on them.  So I recovered those.  But in the process of going through the box, I found some scraps leftover from the couch pillow covers I had made and realized how faded they were compared to the original fabric.  Clearly they get washed a lot.  I had some cloth napkins out, that I was going to iron for Sunday's dinner, and decided they would look good on the couch.  I also bought a clearance outdoor tablecloth this weekend and figured, for $5 bucks, I was gonna cut it up and use it as the backs of the pillows.  I also had outdoor fabric leftover from the last time I covered the dining chairs, so I used that as well.  So two napkins, a tablecloth and a fabric remnant later, I have four new pillows in the living room. 

I got a new menu planned for the week and did my grocery shopping last night.  WITH NO KIDS.  You may recall my rant after the last fun-filled shopping trip I decided to take them on.  Ya know, the one where I said, NEVER AGAIN.  So I'll have dinners to take pictures of all week.  Clearly I have a strong bond with my food.

I got my Easter sugar cookies baked yesterday - now I need to get the frosting made so we can decorate them.  In a few minutes, I'm gonna Google how to make hard-boiled eggs,  (yes, that's right, I have no idea how to boil an egg), so that the kids can dye them after dinner tonight. 

The cleaning frenzy is also in full force.  If someone knows of some super secret non-toxic way to clean a filthy oven, I'm all ears.  Otherwise, the rattle can cleaner is comin' out.  That stuff is nasty, but it works.

Yesterday I spent some time outside cleaning up.  Sweeping the driveway, moving empty pots off the patio, pulling furniture cushions out of the shed, etc.  The normal spring chores, only with a deadline. 

I also have Easter baskets stuffed and plastic eggs filled for hunting.

I've filled nail holes, touched up paint, scrubbed woodwork, cleaned the catchall laundry room,  spray painted a chandelier, had my hair cut and colored (HATE IT), washed shower curtains, planted fuchsias......yeah, like I said, busy bee.

So that's that.  The countdown continues.  Off to boil those eggs......

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