Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mixed Berry Mimosas and Taco Salad

Yes, it's totally random.  Gotta love clean out the fridge night.

When I posted the French Toast "Waffles" With Mixed Berry Sauce, I mentioned the leftover sauce would be good in mimosas. I had to put my suggestion to the test.  So we picked up a bottle of champagne this afternoon.  It did not disappoint.

Here it is in action:

Yeah, I took a sip before I snapped the picture - so what's your point?

Okay, so now that I have your attention, I'll change the subject.  Friday we had what I affectionately like to call, K-Falls tacos.  (Enter any small town name of your choice as a substitute.)  

Here's the goods on the table:

I'm pretty sure cilantro is fancy-ing it up and I used ground turkey instead of ground beef, so technically, they weren't in the K-Falls bracket, but to me, ground meat is ground meat.  In the case of a taco, I usually forgo it all together and add extra refried beans.  Personal preference.  I have a point, I swear.  My favorite part of taco night is.....drum roll please.......taco salad night.   I LOVE me some taco salad.  That's what we had tonight.  With our berry mimosas.  Laugh if you must.  Leftover night throws all the matchy matchy rules out the window.

Here's it is on my plate (try not to drool on your keyboard):

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