Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Little Birdie

A little bird hit our front window this morning during breakfast. The kids immediately ran out to check on it, and found it upside down in the bushes, knocked out.  The Girl picked it up and it regained consciousness.  She held that little thing for a long time while it got its bearings.  She ended up putting it in one of the potted trees in the front yard, and then waited for it to figure out the whole flying thing again.  It finally got it and flew off.

The highlight of her day, for sure.

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  1. How cute is she with that little bird! This post just melted my heart! You have instilled a love of nature in your kids and that is awesome!!!

  2. What a lucky little bird to have a sweetie like her taking care of it :)

  3. So cute--she is clearly a good bird nurse!

  4. Oh, what adorable kids you of the photos of her holding the bird should be blown up and so cute.
    and, pray tell, WHAT is a rattle can and are they easy to make...??? You know, it HAS to be easy if I make it...:))


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